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Global Business Briefing – October 2014

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Top articles in this month's issue


● we report from a government-industry conference in Canada on what’s coming next under the country’s Chemicals Management Plan;

● we publish a pair of articles about the challenges facing European dye companies as they prepare to register substances under the final REACH deadline: one article gives the view of the SMEs; the other, of the major players;

● in the Guest Column slot, John Doe, chair of Ecetoc’s task force on potency in carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity classification, argues that such classifications should recognise major potency differences;

● with the next UN International Conference on Chemicals Management just 12 months away, we ask whether the chemical industry’s Global Product Strategy is having a real impact in developing countries; and

● ChemSec, in our NGO platform section, says its recently updated SIN List can not only help companies choose which substances to avoid or phase out, but also decide which would be unsuitable alternatives.



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