Date 14-16 May 2012
Title Environmental Stressors in the Developmental Origins of Disease: Evidence and Mechanisms
Organiser Society of Toxicology
Location Paris, France

This international conference will focus on the role of environmental exposures and nutrients during development on subsequent diseases/dysfunctions later in life. The goal of the conference is to examine the animal and human data supporting this hypothesis (developmental basis of disease) by disease, organ system, and mechanism in order to review the current state of the literature and to identify mechanisms for the effects as well as to identify research gaps and challenges and to integrate the basic and applied science.

The following items will be discussed during the meeting:

  • New epidemiological and toxicological evidence for the contribution of developmental exposure to adult disease
  • Predictive value of animal and alternative models
  • The essential contribution of epigenetics to programming
  • The effect of chemical or physicals insults as well as nutritional imbalance on stem cells
  • The long path from discovery to regulation
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