Date 28 June 2012
Title Managing REACH for suppliers of articles: How compliant are you?
Organiser REACHReady
Location Derby, UK

Who should attend?
REACH has been with us for over five years. In that time
suppliers of articles have been working through the complex
and often confusing requirements for finished goods, subassemblies and components. Often, the responsibility for
compliance is delegated to the Regulatory Team – or the
hard-pressed individual!
But as the lists of chemicals of concern grow,

  • how do you check that your company is on track?
  • what does your REACH compliance statement actually mean?
  • do you have sufficient information to support your Article 33 declarations?
  • how do you deal with the changes to the Candidate List?
  • what can you do if something goes wrong?

This day is aimed at business managers in companies that
supply articles within the EU. It will distinguish between
regulatory requirements and customer requests, and outline
key compliance measures that you should be taking in your
own business – as well as important assurance checks to
make of your suppliers.
Book before 25 May for an “early bird” discount.

Why attend?
As more SVHCs come under the regulatory spotlight, and as
the number of customer enquiries your company receives
regarding chemicals of concern grows, you will be ever more
reliant on a robust supply chain management system to
ensure REACH compliance as part of product stewardship.
This workshop will outline the essentials of a REACH gap
analysis and compliance strategy that will help you:

  • identify if you are doing all you can to comply
  • recognise where business risks are likely to occur and

how to minimise them

  • decide on your approach to deal with customer requests
  • develop and maintain your strategy for REACH

compliance as part of good product stewardship.
The day will be a combination of interactive teaching and
experience sharing with plenty of opportunity to quiz our
experts throughout the day.

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