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Taiwan bans cosmetics animal testing from 2019

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Taiwan has passed a bill to ban cosmetics testing on animals. With a three-year implementation period in place, it will take effect from October 2019.

The bill, proposed in May, will amend the Control for Cosmetic Hygiene Act. The ban will apply to finished products and cosmetic ingredients in the country. No amendments have been made to the original proposals.  

But cosmetics that have been tested on animals, outside of Taiwan, can still be imported into the country.

Two exemptions are expected to apply:

  • where an ingredient is already widely used on the market, but there are no alternative substitutes; or
  • if the ingredient has a risk of being unsafe, animal testing would be allowed to confirm this – only if it is found to be safe will it be allowed in the product.

Claire Mansfield of NGO Humane Society International (HSI), which has campaigned for the ban, told Chemical Watch that the first exemption is similar to the EU derogation.

With regards to the second exemption, a company "would already have to suspect and have some sort of evaluation that an ingredient was harmful to human health", she said.

Companies will still have to get authorisation from Taiwan's FDA, before animal testing under these exemptions. The requirements to qualify for an exemption are still be determined.

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