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Scitegrity Limited, Discovery Park, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich, CT13 9FF, Kent, United Kingdom
Company Background

Scitegrity’s industry leading Controlled Substances Squared (CS2) software is able to identify whether a chemical falls under controlled drug and related legislation by examining chemical structure. By doing this chemically rather than by name we avoid the false negative problems that plague conventional name matching systems. The system is also automated, allowing collections of millions of compounds to be checked automatically. Full legislation guidance is given on each hit including why it is controlled (e.g. x is an ester of Y, where Y includes all esters as controlled) along with SOPs on what to do. We cover controlled drug laws in the US, Europe, China, India and Canada. All major controlled drug approaches are covered including ethers, esters, stereoisomers, salts, analogue laws and chemical space definitions (aka Generic / Markush statements). Each week CS2 checks 100s of millions of chemicals for our customers, thus driving better, easier compliance.

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