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Australia consults on information requirements and masking names

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Nicnas is seeking feedback on masking chemical names for confidential business information (CBI) and on information requirements for assessment certificate applications.

The two consultations are part of reforms for the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), due to replace Nicnas on 1 July 2019. Nicnas is receiving comments on the consultations via its website until 26 October.

Masking chemical names for CBI

Under AICIS, companies can submit an application to mask a chemical’s identity to protect CBI. If the CBI application is approved, the chemical identity will be masked by a generic name known as an AICIS approved chemical name (AACN).

Similar systems for generic names are used in other jurisdictions. The Australian guidance is based on the schemes in Canada and the US.

Masking at level one will hide one attribute of a chemical's name. This includes repetitions. Level two hides two attributes, and so on. Anything requiring masking of two (or more) attributes in a chemical name requires applicants to supply additional justification for the increased level of CBI.

Comments on the clarity of the guidance and the method for masking chemical names can be submitted to Nicnas via the links below.

Information requirements

Nicnas is also consulting on the amount and type of information required when applying for an assessment certificate for an unlisted chemical introduction under AICIS.

The consultation includes information on when assessment certification is required, how information requirements can vary, and when information waivers apply.

The following information is required:

  • chemical identity;
  • physico-chemical properties;
  • introduction, use, exposure and release; and
  • hazard and fate.

A system is being developed for application via an online form. It will be based on Echa's software, Iuclid.

The news about both consultations was posted on the Nicnas website on 27 September.

More details available on CW+AsiaHub

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