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Date 5 December 2018
Title Conflict and Opportunity: Chemical Management, the Circular Economy & Precious Metals
Organiser European Precious Metals Federation
Location Brussels, Belgium

As industry and business strive for full implementation of REACH and Circular Economy, both opportunities and conflicts arise for precious metals use and reuse.
This conference will look at the benefits of recycling and greater sustainability and will also examine the unintended conflicts that are specific to precious metals, trace elements, and the risk management of industrial and consumer use.

Greater consistency and alignment is needed between these two different EU policies to ensure that precious metals continue being recycled.

Much of the increased attention and conflict arises from the potential uncontrolled risk for European consumers due to Substances of Very High Concern that may be contained in recycled plastics as impurities. Potential risk results when contaminants remain in the final consumer product.

Precious metals recycling is very different from the other industries. We will use the lifecycles of common products to illustrate how the proposed treatment of trace elements under REACH may lead to conflict. We will search input on solutions that avoid unnecessary impediments to recycling and attainment of the Circular Economy objectives while safeguarding European consumers and the natural environment.

Join the open discussion with our panel of speakers from the European Commission, experts from national institutes, and producers of precious metals as we explore the issues and the potential solutions to resolving conflict.

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