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Latest features – November 2018

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In this issue: 

  • Annex VIII: theory and practice - With just over a year until the first deadline, how is the new harmonised system shaping up?
  • Vietnam moves towards an inventory - Will Vietnam’s new ‘chemical list’ significantly shape chemical management there?
  • Cosmetics without animal testing - Customers and regulators are demanding alternative means of testing cosmetic ingredients and more of these are becoming available all the time
  • ‘Eurasia REACH’ – what do we know today? - The Eurasian Economic Union is poised to enact its own version of REACH, but much of the detail remains unclear
  • Siefs: a new era for an old concept - More than 16,000 Siefs are still grappling with data sharingzBrexit and financial issues
  • Echa’s Board of Appeal and cosmetics testing on animals - Recent decisions have
    missed a golden opportunity to rule on the principle that animal testing should never be allowed in cosmetic ingredients
  • Time to close the loop - The chemicals industry cannot simply carry on using toxic materials in its products, however safely it manages them
  • Principles of chemical regulations – why do we have them? - There is a danger of following the letter and not the spirit of the law