Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit, Brussels October 2014

A unique opportunity to join our panels: twenty-one+ experts including EU and member state officials, regulatory managers from industry and professional advisers – as they share special perspectives and understanding of both European and global regulatory challenges in a relaxed, informal environment.

14-15 October 2014, Le Chatelain Boutique Hotel, Brussels

Two Informative Days:

Day one offers a holistic review of the REACH/CLP enforcement agenda – reviewing progress towards harmonized enforcement and exploring the very real need for standardisation across EU member states.

Against a complex and changeable regulatory landscape, day two of the Summit brings together a panel of global regulatory experts, ready to answer your questions about the challenges facing industry today.

Using a mixed format of presentations and in-depth Q&A panel discussions, the programme tackles regulatory and compliance issues around the World, including China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia, Canada, Central and South America and the U.S.

Who should attend?

  • Heads of Regulatory Affairs/Regulatory Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • EHS Directors/Managers
  • Government Regulators
  • Product Registration Managers
  • Toxicologists
  • Risk Assessment Managers
  • Lawyers

Expert speakers on hand

Listen to senior representatives from regulators from across the EU, including Hungary, Germany, the UK, Austria, Cyprus, The Netherlands and Denmark;

 Latest, joined-up thinking

Get to know the latest thinking on harmonised enforcement of REACH and CLP from both sides of the discussion – those of industry and enforcers;

 Focused break-out groups

Participate in a break-out group to gain an in-depth knowledge of Restrictions under Annex 17;

 Detailed update on Asia and the rest of the world

Bring yourself up-to-date with the complex and changeable regulatory landscape in Asia, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Central and South America and the U.S.;

 Time efficiency

Gain a comprehensive update of the complex and changeable landscape of chemical regulation around the world in just one day;

 Q&A Panel Sessions

Have your specific questions answered by making use of the multiple Q&A sessions. Remember – you can send in any questions you might have in writing in advance of the Summit.

DAY ONE:   Enforcement of Reach & CLP

08:30 - Registration & Refreshments

Session One: EU-Wide Enforcement Issues, Enforcers’ perspectives

09:00 Enforcement after the second registration deadline – what will the Forum focus on?

  • Key results of the REF-3 project
  • New Multi-annual Work Programme as the basis of Forum’s work
  • REACH, CLP and PLC under one umbrella
    New harmonized projects planned by the Forum
  • Strengthening cooperation between authorities

Szilvia DEIM, Deputy Director General, National Institute of Chemical Safety, Hungary, Head of ECHA Forum


09:20 The Follow-Up of ECHA’s Regulatory Decisions

  • 2012 Forum project for enforcement-related interlinks
  • Exchange of information on a number of enforcement-related cases
  • Follow-up final dossier evaluation decisions
  • Current work to further improve processes and make enforcement follow-up easier and more efficient
  • New interlinks being made operational including the follow up on decisions relating to PPORDS or different types of ECHA requests under Article 36

Johan Nouwen, Head of Unit Guidance and Forum Secretariat, ECHA

09:40 Enforcing SONCs – Practical Experiences in Germany 

  • Legal Background: The enforceability of SONCs
  • Practical Challenges for companies and authorities
  • Enforcement in practice: The German approach

Katja vom HofeLegal Officer/German Forum Member, BAuA, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

10:00 Enforcement of ORs 

Mike PottsHM Inspector of Health and Safety, Health and Safety Executive, Chemicals Regulation Directorate, UK *

10:20 - Q&A Panel Discussion

10.40 - Refreshments and Networking

Session Two - Industry and NGO Perspectives on Enforcement

11:00 - Perspectives on Enforcement – Distributors’ views and experience

  • Distributors’ expectations
  • Feedback/experience from inspections
  • Lessons learned

Dr. Uta Jensen-Korte, Director General, European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc)

11:20 -  Industry views on enforcement (1)

  • Enforcement is important to protect companies which have performed their obligations
  • Not only should health and environmental issues be enforced, but also having the necessary letters of access is important
  • Enforcement should cover all aspects of REACH, including restrictions
  • The authorisation process will deserve the necessary attention

Dr. Erwin Annys, Director REACH / Chemicals Policy, Cefic European Chemical Industry Council, Belgium

11:40 - Industry views on enforcement (2)

  • Getting ready for routine inspections in general 
  • Recommendations for an announced routine inspection 
  • Challenges coming from non-routine inspections

Dr Ingolf KuhnBASF, Germany

12:00 - Practical Experience of REACH En Force at Flint Group

  • Flint Group and its REACh organisation
  • What happens in a REACh audit?
  • Lessons learnt and recommendations

Andreas TueschenDirector Global Regulatory Flint Group

12:20 - CHEM Trust’s view of REACH enforcement

  • What is REACH supposed to do?
  • Why is enforcement important?
  • Is no data no market being enforced?
  • Are we being protected from chemicals in imported articles?
  • How could things be improved?

Michael WarhurstExecutive Director, CHEM Trust (after 1.07.14)

12:40 - Q&A Panel Discussion

13:00 - Lunch & Networking

Session Three - Enforcement from Member States' Perspective

14:00 - Enforcement Action on Nano-Products in Austria

  • Value chain from nano substances under REACH down to formulated products containing nano substances and/or no nano claims
  • Approaches taken
  • Issues touched upon
  • Some preliminary findings of the nano inspection campaign

 Dr Eugen Anwander

14:20 - Priorities and enforcement of Chemicals legislation in Cyprus

  • Structure and legal powers of NEA
  • Priorities in planning and materializing enforcement activities
  • Main enforcement activities of the last couple of years.
  • Future plans
  • Experience gained and conclusions drawn

Dr Tasoula Kyprianidou-Leontidou, Labour Inspection Officer, Chemicals Sector Coordinator, Department of Labour Inspection, Cyprus

14:40 - The UK Environmental Agency’s Approach to Restrictions

  • Information sources we use
  • Advantages to business and regulators
  • Case study (studies) on what we've found so far

Richard Hawkins, Senior Advisor, UK Environmental Agency, England

15:00 - Q&A 

15:20 - Refreshments

15:50 - Digital SDSs & Co-Operation with Customs in the Netherlands

Digital SDSs:

  • Project process in NL (2012-2014)
  • Brief lay-out of the system
  • Experiences until now

Cooperation with Customs:

  • General agreement with Custom
  • Specific arrangement for REACH- en PIC-regulation
  • Practical experiences

Jos van den Berg, Coordinator REACH/Forum member, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment,Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate,The Netherlands

16:10 - Denmark’s Risk Based Approach to Enforcement

  • Risk analysis
  • Prioritisation
  • Enforcement
  • Seriousness of a potential breach
  • Likelihood of a breach of law occurring
  • Application possible on a regulation, part of a regulation or on a product category

Birte Børglum, Head of Function,The Chemical Inspection Service Danish Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Protection Agency

16:30 - Final Q&A 

17:00 - Close of Day One

DAY TWO:   Emerging Regulatory Challenges around the World

09:00 Korea - Important Updates of K-REACH

  • Background/introduction
  • Important definitions
  • Product not applicable to K-REACH
  • Presidential Decree and Ministerial Decree
  • Obligations - Registration

Jun Ho Lee, Senior Researcher, Chemical Substance Registration Support Centre, Korea Testing and Research Institute (KTR)

09:30 China

  • Overview of Chemical Laws and Regulatory Lists in China
  • MEP Order No. 7 and Recent Updates
  • HazChem Registrations and Issues
  • China GHS Updates

Louise Halpern, Chief Operations Officer, CIRS, Ireland

10:00 Chemical Management Developments in Taiwan

  • Overall development of Taiwan National Chemical Management Scheme
  • GHS Implementation
  • Chemical Substance Nominations / Taiwan Existing Chemicals Inventory
  • Complying with New Chemical Notification – Who, What, When, How
  • Complying with amended Existing Chemicals Regulations
  • Keeping up-to-date

Mark GrendaDirector, Regulatory Affairs, Afton Chemical Company, USA

10:30 - Q&A Panel Discussion

10.40 - Coffee and Networking

11:15 - Developments in Malaysia

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • CLASS (GHS implementation)
  • EHS Notification and Registration Scheme (EHSNR)

Dr. Michael Cleuvers, Managing Director, Industrial Chemicals & Biocides, DR. KNOELL CONSULT GmbH

11:45 -  Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan - new Chemical Safety Regulation

  • Details of the Regulation
  • Notification of new substances
  • The 'Russian Safety Passport; (RSP)
  • The chemical register - information required
  • Implementation schedule

Meglena Mihova, Managing Partner, EPPA, Belgium

12:15 - Q&A Panel Discussion

12:30 - Lunch & Networking

13:45 - New CLP Regulation in Turkey

  • Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (TR-SEA)
  • Main differences between Turkey SEA and REACH CLP
  • Scope of the regulation
  • Timetables for substances and mixtures

Melih Babayigit, General Director, CRAD, Turkey

14:15 - Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan - An Update

  • What is the CMP?
  • Brief background and overview of objectives
  • Status update on current activities including recent successes
  • Updates on what is on the horizon regarding major programme initiatives

Jake Sanderson, Manager, Science and Risk Assessment Director, Environment Canada

14:45 - Product Compliance in the U.S.: Regulatory developments including California - What's needed to bring your product to market in the U.S. (or keep it there!)

  • U.S. regulatory structure: federal vs states
  • Update on U.S. chemical regulations including California
  • Modifications to TSCA / TSCA Reform – where are we now, and why, and what to expect
  • CA Prop 65 – updates including proposed warning label changes and impact on industry
  • Updates on Dodd Frank – court case / SEC response and the impact; lessons learned from first disclosure period; notes on second disclosure period and the end of the "transition period." How EU companies are affected
  • CA Safer Consumer Products
  • Other US state regulations and the impact on EU companies importing into the US, incl. Vermont's new children’s product chemicals law.
  • Establishing a supply chain product compliance program for your company to adapt to all these changes

Kirsten Wallerstedt, Senior Regulatory Analyst and Editor, Global Supply Chain Solutions, 3E Company, USA

15:30 - Q&A Panel Discussion

15:45 - Tea and Networking

16:15 - Regulation in Central and South America

  • Chemical inventories and pre-market notifications
  • Food contact regulations
  • Safety, health and environmental regulations
  • Specialized local requirements and regulations

 Michael S. Wenk, Director, Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs / North America, Kemira Chemicals Inc., USA

16:45 - Final Panel Discussion and Q&A Session

17:30 - Close of Summit

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2013 Summit Feedback:

Excellent and comprehensive.

It was an excellent and comprehensive overview of emerging regulation.
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Very knowledgeable.

The speakers were very knowledgeable.
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Very interesting.

The topics are very interesting.
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