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Since 2007 Chemical Watch has played a pivotal role in supplying companies with our premium news service. Find out more about our service on this page or, for more information, contact us.

Our Mission:

Chemical Watch provides the global business community with the facts and perspectives it needs to achieve safer chemicals in products.

We provide a 360 degree view of this agenda, impartially reporting on the actions and opinions of all stakeholders in our community. Our company has a strong shared sense of purpose, fuelled by motivated staff who want to make a difference with their work

Our Services

News service

Daily news and weekly news alerts covering REACH, GHS and other global chemical regulations, policy and implementation as well as industry initiatives, NGO viewpoints and emerging science. Our news is organised by region and country and also contains a risk assessment channel.

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Chemical Watch features

Latest features containing in-depth analysis of regulatory and other drivers of sound chemicals management, with case-studies of company practice and expert contributions.

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Webinars and workshops

A series of Chemical Watch webinars and workshops to complement our editorial coverage offering expert insight into the specifics of chemical regulations.

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Global Service Providers Guide

Our free guide, designed to help you find and select a wide range of specialist chemicals management and control services, including consultants, lawyers, laboratories, IT solutions and training providers.

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Job listings

Details of positions vacant, worldwide, including Regulatory Specialists, Toxicologists, Risk Assessors, Senior Management roles and many more.

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Events database

Details of live and recorded events, tackling important topics relating to chemical regulations worldwide.

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REACH consortia

Database of more than 200 REACH consortia. Search by substance or CAS or EC number.

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