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Presenting a specialist information service that gives you deeper insight into the Asia chemicals regulatory agenda: emerging legislation, document translations, summaries, deadlines, expert advice, guidance and resources, from leading regulatory news service Chemical Watch, in cooperation with regional partners.

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bullet-arrows.pngYour first choice for Asia chemicals regulatory content

A specialist resource; providing the regulatory professionals community with our deepest, most focused insight into the Asia chemicals regulatory agenda, delivered by Chemical Watch - your trusted source.


Keeping you on top of emerging legislation; advance warning of key developments and practical guidance on managing Asia regulatory change within your organisation - supported by expert regional partners.


Quality, timely, accurate content that's quick and easy to find; daily news, key document translations, summaries, insightful commentary, deadlines, events, guidance and resources - all clearly signposted.


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bullet-arrows.pngAsiaHub gives you the full picture


tox-bullet.pngIn-depth regional news

Our own reporters working in collaboration with our regional partners, bringing you timely updates on relevant regulatory compliance developments.

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tox-bullet.pngRegular features

In-depth articles providing extra information and context on chemical risk and compliance issues.



Access detailed descriptions of key regulations and links to original documents, directly from CW+ Hubs.

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tox-bullet.pngExpert Opinion

Forward-looking, practical advice and guidance from regulatory experts and industry authorities.


tox-bullet.pngCase studies

Benefit from your peers' experiences - examples of compliance challenges and solutions.

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tox-bullet.pngKey dates

Stay on top of key timings with our updated reference list of forthcoming compliance dates.


tox-bullet.pngDocuments & translations

Original texts of regulations, standards, ordinances and guidance with translations of key documents all in an easy-to-navigate database.

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tox-bullet.pngGuidance & checklists

Practical guides and checklists to help you make sure you have tick all the necessary boxes as part of your compliance effort.


tox-bullet.pngLive webinars & workshops

Join our expert panelists for a series of time-efficient online meetings and events, designed to get you up-to-speed on new developments.

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tox-bullet.pngContact lists

CW+ Hubs feature a list of useful regulatory contact points and other sources of help.


tox-bullet.pngRegional forum

Share and learn with others facing the same specific compliance challenges that you are.

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tox-bullet.pngConference directory

Comprehensive listings of upcoming conferences and events, relevant to the Hub's regional focus.


tox-bullet.pngService providers

Our definitive regional service provider database - your first port of call when provisioning chemicals management and control services.

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tox-bullet.pngRegular email alerts

Receive our regular email updates, alerting you when new developments happen.


tox-bullet.pngHelpdesk facilities

Join the conversation, and grow your professional network with commenting and helpdesk facilities.

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tox-bullet.pngRecommended links

Hub editors curate links to quality, relevant content - signposting other news and resources in this field from around the web.

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