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About this webinar

With the EU's Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) coming into force this September, preparations are in full flow. While industry has some reservations on the provisions of the new regime, the webinar will provide a solid introduction to the BPR and inform companies how to make the best decisions regarding applications for approval of biocidal active substances and the authorisation of biocidal products.

The webinar will give an overview of industry's obligations and advice on effective authorisation strategies under the new regime. Further advice will be provided on the issue of articles treated with biocides, focusing on guidance being developed by the European Commission and EU member states.

Our expert panel

  • Dr Sara Kirkham, Senior Consultant, CEHTRA UK Ltd.
  • Jennifer Hopkins, European Regulatory Strategy and Advocacy Manager, Bayer S.A.S. Env. Science
  • Tom Uotila, Business analyst, European Chemicals Agency


  • The webinar looked at the different routes for authorisation and various aspects of the Regulation including the new Annex 1, the list of approved sources of biocidal products, and confidentiality and data dissemination issues;
  • The controversial issue of treated articles was addressed, with discussion of the definition adopted and the implications for treated articles under the BPR - including labelling and supply chain communications and transitional requirements and deadlines;
  • ECHA detailed the IT tools being developed to support applications for approval of biocidal active substances and the authorisation of biocidal products, including IUCLID 5.5 and the registry of biocidal products R4BP 3.0, along with information on how data submitted under the existing Directive will be migrated into the new system.

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