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EU authorities discuss EDC criteria effects on substance assessments

The competent authorities (CAs) for biocides have begun to consider how the criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors (EDCs) should affect active substances currently under assessment.

At their March meeting they discussed a Commission paper that suggests the criteria should have little effect on substances for which an assessment report was submitted before 1 September 2013. These still fall under the rules of the biocidal products Directive (BPD).

Echa and the evaluating CA may assess whether the active substance has endocrine disrupting properties on the basis of information available in the dossier. While this could not lead to the exclusion of the substance, it might have an effect on the duration and conditions of its approval.

Substances for which the assessment report is submitted after 1 September 2013 – when the biocidal products Regulation (BPR) entered into effect – will be subject to the new criteria.

The evaluating CA can request additional data from the applicant, to determine whether it has EDC properties. The Commission says the the applicant should be given "a reasonable period" in which to submit the information, but "no longer than necessary".

If the new criteria render the substance an EDC, it will become subject to the exclusion criteria under the BPR and won't be approved.

The CAs are due to continue discussing the Commission paper at their next meeting, in May, when all member states have given their views on it.

Meanwhile, Brussels is preparing another paper on how the criteria should affect ongoing applications for biocidal products. This is also expected for the May meeting.

Before then, the CAs will meet on 7 April to discuss the draft criteria to identify EDCs. These are still under development after the Commission refrained from asking the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF) to vote on them, at a February meeting.

No vote will be called at this week's meeting, but CAs are due to discuss ongoing member state concerns about the current proposal.

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