Regulatory Impact Report for businesses using biocides

Regulatory Impact Report for businesses using biocides

Many companies making and selling products are getting to grips with new regulatory requirements relating to chemical safety brought about by the European Union’s overarching chemicals law, REACH. However, that Regulation is not the only legislation impacting users of chemicals in the EU. The Biocidal Product Regulation imposes obligations on companies using biocides, as well as those making them.

The big challenge here is that many companies may not know biocides are in the products they make. And at first, the law’s effect on companies downstream of the biocidal product makers was underestimated. However, several sectors, including the automotive and aerospace, are beginning to realise that the BPR’s provisions have significant consequences for business.

It is important that the entire supply chain is up to speed with the legal framework in all its complexity, especially because the authorities are planning their first enforcement project on biocidal-treated articles this year.

This report aims to help companies using biocides products understand the basics of the BPR, as well as their role and compliance obligations. It borrows from the Automotive Industry Guideline to the BPR, published by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) in September 2016, which provides a step guide to compliance.

Our Regulatory Impact Report includes an easy-to-read introduction, definitions for the law's key terms, all-important questions for users of biocides to ask themselves, and areas of best practice - where companies are preempting regulation and going beyond compliance. There are also useful references at the end.