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bullet-arrows.pngAbout this webinar

After five years of collaboration amongst manufacturers, consumers and environmentalists, California’s Safer Consumer Products Regulations entered into force on October 1 2013.  The impact of the regulations is expected to be felt across the US and beyond.  

The Regulations take a preventative approach to keeping dangerous chemicals out of everyday products and aim to provide a more predictable process for ensuring product safety. Find out what impact the Regulations will have on your company and what steps you can take now to work towards compliance.  


  • Karl Palmer, Chief, Toxics in Product Branch, California's Department of Toxic Substances Control, introduced the new Regulations.
  • Lynn Bergeson of Bergeson & Campbell PC focussed on the initial steps companies need to take to understand how the regulations may affect their operations in the near future.
  • Emily Tipaldo, Manager, Regulatory and Technical Affairs, American Chemistry Council, provided practical advice to upstream companies and discussed how they can work with customers in the supply chain to achieve compliance.