About Chemical Risk Manager

The Chemical Watch team is excited to present our latest service offering, Chemical Risk Manager, a new Hub service designed specifically to support professionals managing risks of chemicals throughout the supply chain.

Chemical Risk Manager provides essential news and resources to help regulatory compliance, occupational health and chemical safety teams with their practical challenges. The site covers science and testing, data submission, supply chain communication, occupational health and the needs of downstream customers.

It focuses on presenting information on the tools and solutions, with news and views on the challenges practitioners face on the ground. It is designed to be a perfect companion to Chemical Watch, which will continue to provide a rich global news service to keep companies abreast of policy developments.


CRM provides in depth coverage of methods to identify and assess hazard properties of chemicals and mixtures, including alternatives to animal testing. By talking to experts in the field of human health and environmental endpoints, CRM is able to deliver articles that help practitioners understand the implications of important new developments in toxicology. CRM also interprets the results and conclusions of key scientific studies relevant to those managing chemical risks.


CRM shines a light on the fast-evolving area of exposure assessment - looking at what is possible in terms of controlling chemical exposures to mitigate risk. It helps risk managers stay up to date on the latest developments in monitoring, measurement and modelling of the chemicals humans and the environment are exposed to.


CRM describes how different countries and regions deal with chemical risks through both regulatory and voluntary approaches. It provides examples of best practice when it comes to combining all the information on hazards and exposure to determine and characterise risk.

Data Submission

As demand to collect and submit data relating to chemical safety grows, CRM provides valuable intelligence on the world’s leading regimes, including: REACH IT and IUCLID in Europe; and eCDR (electronic Chemical Data Reporting) in the US, and California’s Proposition 65 data submission process. CRM also provides information on how to submit data in other countries, like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and for sector regimes, including cosmetics and biocides.


Once risks have been characterised, it is important that safe use information is communicated from suppliers of substances and formulations to their customers. Knowing exactly what the risks are, how chemicals should be used safely, and any risks managed, is a top priority for any company - especially when those substances are hazardous. CRM sits at the heart of the latest developments in communication on exposure scenarios, helping risk managers to get up to speed on tools and approaches that aim to harmonise and standardise this communication - with the ultimate objective of minimising risks through the supply chain.


Well established processes control chemical risks in the workplace, but the prevalence of REACH data, the emergence of new safety data sheets and growing concern about the incidence of occupational diseases, including cancer and sensitisation, is placing renewed pressures on companies to ensure they follow best possible practice. CRM provides the latest information and resources, supporting the critical work done by occupational hygiene and health specialists.


Companies purchasing chemical products down the supply chain are playing an increasingly important role in the management of chemical risks. Whether they are reacting to NGO campaigns, customer pressure, or taking their own initiative, they are looking for sound information on chemicals of concern so they can manage or avoid associated risks. CRM helps these companies by flagging up regulatory and voluntary activities, along with potential liabilities. It provides access to the latest tools for testing and tracking substances of concern in products.

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