Chemicals Management Software Guide

Welcome to the first Chemicals Management Software Guide brought to you by Chemical Watch and Chemical Risk Manager.

This guide is designed to help you understand the software that supports regulatory compliance and also enables businesses to move beyond compliance and achieve safer chemicals in products and throughout the supply chain.

What’s inside the Chemicals Management Software Guide?

  • Analysis of our chemicals management software user survey - taken by over 450 respondents
  • Five articles on how businesses are using software to meet compliance obligations
  • Glossary - key terms explained and how we define them in the guide
  • 29 software profiles - each presenting individual products/services to support chemicals management activities
  • Directory - find out the software tools and services that are being used by the Chemical Watch audience

Editorial in the guide:

The Guide features five specially commissioned articles by journalists on software that address specific solutions in chemicals management:

  • Introduction
    Analysis of our chemicals management software user survey results.

  • Why take the risk?
    Automated systems are now available to enable companies to mitigate operational risks.

  • What a performance…
    Multiple vendors offer software systems to manage environmental performance but users must choose carefully to ensure that their needs are met.

  • Measuring your hazards
    Software is now available that enables users to carry out their own occupational exposure and hazard assessment.

  • Stewardship through software
    How can product stewardship software help companies cope with the increasing demands placed on them by chemicals regulations?

  • Software for safety 
    Effective software programmes can enhance process safety performance and in turn offer many business benefits.

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