7 key benefits for your organisation

Mitigating business risk

Your organisation holds a corporate responsibility to minimise the chances that chemical products you buy, make, sell or use have adverse effects to human health or the environment. Such adverse effects can severely damage your company’s brand reputation and impact financially in terms of worker health, product liability, recall costs and litigation.

Giving your teams the right tools for the job

For your teams to do their jobs effectively they need the right intelligence and the right tools.

Helping your organisation keep pace

Scientific understanding, societal demands, market dynamics, politics and regulation are all changing at an unprecedentedly fast pace. The result? Complex interactions that only a global team, one dedicated to gathering the best information, can reliably track. The Chemical Risk Manager editorial team does exactly that, on behalf of your organisation.

Minimising effects of attrition

Your team-members are always changing – staff move between organisations, are made redundant, retire, or are given new priorities. In the process, valuable expertise can be lost and is difficult to retrieve. Chemical Risk Manager ensures that staff teams across the world are talking the same language, are aware of the same issues and have access to the same resources.

Providing a full, 360-degree view

Whatever your team's qualifications, managing chemical risks requires a multidisciplinary mix of several sciences, economics, politics and sociological understanding. Chemical Risk Manager helps your team build a wider understanding of interrelated factors, issues and effects.

Giving you the competitive edge

Chemical Risk Manager gives your organisation the intelligence it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

A sound business investment

Our multiple user subscription deals represent a cost-effective investment for your company. Chemical Risk Manager provides your regulatory compliance, occupational health, chemical safety teams with a cloud-based, actively maintained source of news and resources, unaffected by organisational change.