How can Chemical Risk Manager help your team?

Exploit the full value of Chemical Risk Manager through team-wide use of the information and resources it provides

While it will provide you with valuable information for your role, Chemical Risk Manager will also support your entire team in managing risks of chemicals in the workplace, through the supply chain, and in products, delivering essential news and resources to help your colleagues with their practical, day-to-day challenges.

Covering science and testing, data submission, supply chain communication, occupational health and the needs of downstream customers, it brings together in one place information that is essential to you and your team in managing chemical safety in products, whether they are toxicologists, EHS managers or occupational hygienists.

The articles and resources are divided into intuitive sections, each serving as a topical ‘lens’ through which you can view developments in product safetyTogether, these sections provide you with an invaluable, holistic view of product safety - avoiding a silo mentality and helping you and your colleagues be effective in your roles.