GlobalChem 2014

Welcome to GlobalChem 2014! This year Chemical Watch brings you the GlobalChem Daily 
Briefing, reporting highlights of the meeting as the conference progresses. To keep the Briefing brief,
we have set up this webpage for additional information and some of Chemical Watch’s recent articles
on conference topics. We hope you find it useful.

Dinesh Kumar and Martin Zook

Tuesday's Opener

Click to view Tuesday's address from Lawrence Sloan, president of SOCMA.

Wednesday's Opener

Read Wednesday's address, delivered by ACC President and Chief Executive, Cal Dooley.

Recent Chemical Watch articles of interest

Key US House Democrats voice concerns with the CSIA

Stakeholders hopeful of bipartisan House US TSCA reform bill

US EPA to issue third list of chemicals for EDSP screening

Canadian government to move ahead with GHS implementation

EU-US research collaboration homes in on mitochondria

Intergovernmental groups to develop regulatory toolbox

2014 outlook: Geert Dancet, ECHA

2014 outlook: James Jones, EPA

Recent CW+ AsiaHub articles of interest

Problems remain with China's hazchem catalogue, say firms

Draft K-REACH decrees published

Daily Briefings

Monday 03 Briefing

With the GlobalChem workshop focusing on TSCA and International Fundamentals, the Briefing takes a look at: EPA’s focus for 2014, Snurs, the agency's ChemView Database, and global developments. more...

Tuesday 04 Briefing

Reports from the workshop, plus a snap-shot of first day of the GlobalChem Conference: TSCA reform, IRIS review, what's news in Canada and California. more...

Wednesday 05 Briefing

Reports from day one of the Conference, plus a quick look at recent developments in TTIP, GHS implementation, EDCs and nano. more...

Thursday 06 Briefing

A final conference round-up, including global chemical regulations, the latest on the EPA's EDSP, and WoE/read across approaches. more...

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Conference agenda

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Workshop agenda

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