Cover of Global Business Briefing July/August 2016

Global Business Briefing – July/August 2016

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Top stories in this month's briefing:

  • amid the recent turmoil in Turkey, we look at whether industry is well-prepared for the country's soon to be adopted REACH-like regulation, known as KKDIK.
  • we report on a recent meeting, held by the European Food and Safety Authority (Efsa), examining the state of play in the field of epigenetics. We look at what it is and why it's a growing practice in risk assessment; 
  • providing an expert focus, Lynn L Bergeson, of US law firm Bergeson & Campbell, warns that the amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) were immediate and regulatory developments are already underway; 
  • this month, our REACH & CLP column focuses on the challenges and requirements companies face as a lead registrant in the run up to the REACH 2018 registration deadline; 
  • Ciel's David Azoulay criticises the EU's approach to regulating the production, marketing, use and disposal of nanomaterials; and
  • in our guest column spot this month, Elena Vyboldina, head of international trade at Eurometaux's, explains why the EU's recently announced conflict minerals framework will not 

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