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Global Business Briefing – November 2015

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Top articles from this month's issue

We report on the methods, tools and approaches, developed through the REACH Chemical Safety Report/Exposure Scenario Roadmap, many of which are ready to be rolled out.

We take stock of Taiwan’s progress in implementing its chemicals control framework

In an expert focus, Koen Van Maldegem of law firm Fieldfisher and Peter Sellar, advocate of the Scottish Bar at Axiom advocates, comment on the recent decision by the EU’s General Court on the classification of CTPHT

We report from a recent meeting of the Society of Chemical Hazard Communication, where BASF’s Suzanne Janicki explained the challenges of implementing GHS  

And this month, we have Cal Dooley of the International Council of Chemical Associations and Joe DiGangi, senior science and technical adviser of the International POPs Elimination Network (Ipen) giving their opinions on the aftermath of the recent ICCM4 meeting in Geneva 

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