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Global Business Briefing – May 2015

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Top articles from this month's issue

  • following on from last month’s feature on the UN’s legally binding chemicals conventions, we look at how the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions and the voluntary approach of Saicm sit alongside each other;
  • we hold a Q&A with Echa’s executive director, Geert Dancet, on his recent visit to Japan;
  • the second part of our electronics series investigates how Greenpeace’s campaign has influenced the sector’s commitment to phasing out hazardous chemicals from products;
  • as companies focus on the upcoming CLP deadline for mixtures, consultant Blue Frog Scientific offers insight into what regulatory compliance managers can expect in the coming months and years; and
  • in our guest column this month Senator David Vitter talks about his role in reforming the US’s Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and why updating the law is so important

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