Cover of Global Business Briefing December 2016

Global Business Briefing – December 2016

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Top stories in this month's Briefing:

  • The European Commission has picked textiles as the first test case 'article category' to apply the 'fast-track' restriction procedure – Article 68(2) – to a large number of CMRs – but is this just the beginning?
  • With the new US administration set to take office in January, we look at what the future holds for the Dodd-Frank Act and conflict mineral reporting
  • We report on the company Hoffman-La Roche and its plans to tackle SVHCs in its products and processes
  • As uncertainty continues over Brexit, we hear about the different options the UK could take to regulate chemicals if it leaves the EU, including the possibility of a UK-REACH Regulation and the establishment of a UK chemicals agency 
  • Ipen's Sara Brosché argues the case for why the European Commission's decision to allow the continued use of lead chromates is wrong
  • And Kemi's Ule Johansson, senior advisor of its international unit, explains why the Swedish chemicals agency is so active in international cooperation, and the benefits it sees from this work  

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