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Global Business Briefing – June 2015

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Top articles from this month's issue

  • Unep’s Brenda Koekkoek explains why stakeholders of Saicm will consider a proposal to include environmentally persistent pharmaceutical pollutants as an emerging policy issue at ICCM4.
  • The third part of our electronics industry focus looks at the challenges of defining and regulating graphene-based materials, which are now entering the electronics market
  • Delving further into international chemicals management, our focus on the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions looks at how compliance of these treaties is being monitored
  • In this month’s NGO platform, CHEM Trust’s executive director Michael Warhurst explains why acircular economy needs strong and effective chemicals regulation
  • Our guest columnist this month is professor of science policy at the University of Sussex in the UK, Erik Millstone, who gives his opinion on Efsa and the WHO’s ‘Threshold of Toxicological Concern’ concept  

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