Nanotechnology Regulation Webinar

Delegates at our recent Nanotechnology Regulation Webinar are entitled to a complimentary copy of the slides used and a video recording of the presentation. To access these resources, simply enter the access code you were sent following the event itself, in the form below.

About this webinar

Nanotechnology promises to provide solutions to some of the major problems people face today, but regulators are concerned about nano-specific risks that might arise from use.  This webinar looked at the current regulatory environment, both in the EU and elsewhere and how regulation could enhance innovation in this dynamic sector.

Our expert panel

Frank Kopp of Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH explained the position to date on regulation including the EU position and nanotechnology within REACH. He also gave an overview on production notification/registration and product registers.

David Carlander of the Nanotechnology Industries Association spoke about innovation and the regulatory environment and what the Nanotechnology Industry wants in order to foster development. He also gave an overview of the regulatory position in North America and elsewhere together with the OECD/ISO position.

David Azoulay of CIEL (The Center for International Environmental Law) highlighted the recent position paper on the regulation of nano materials including risk assessment. He also outlined the NGO position on the Regulation of Nanotechnology.

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