12 Mar 2019

Washington state priority products legislation clears Senate Locked

Programme could see restrictions, prohibitions of chemicals of concern

North America, United States, US states
11 Mar 2019

Andean countries call symposium on harmonising cosmetics legislation Locked

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Latin America & Caribbean, Peru
7 Mar 2019

EU ministers push Commission to speed up EDC strategy Locked

Toys, cosmetics and food contact materials need to be tackled

Denmark, Europe, France, Netherlands
5 Mar 2019

Canada proposes adding 2-ethylhexyl 2-ethylhexanoate to its toxic substances list Locked

Canada, North America
21 Feb 2019

Canada clears three trimellitates in final assessment Locked

Canada, North America
19 Feb 2019

Norway finds microplastics at bottom of North Sea Locked

Europe, Norway
18 Feb 2019

Turkey hardens rules on 'free from' claims on cosmetics labels Locked

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Turkey
13 Feb 2019

Canada clears benzoates, DIDA in final assessments Locked

Government eyes Snac for new DIDA uses

Canada, North America
31 Jan 2019

New York governor announces proposal to expand ingredient disclosure Locked

Andrew Cuomo floats 'Consumer Right to Know Act'

North America, United States
29 Jan 2019

Canada proposes changes to cosmetics ingredients hotlist Locked

Canada, North America
29 Jan 2019

Hazardous substances found in over 90% of tested cosmetics in Rwanda Locked

Government crackdown on illegal skin-lightening agents

Africa & Middle East
11 Dec 2018

Denmark to impose temporary ban on microplastics in cosmetics

Ban will apply from January 2020 'at the latest', minister says

Denmark, Europe
10 Dec 2018

UK product database to address chemical safety issues Locked

UK will need infrastructure to exchange data, regardless of Brexit outcomes

Europe, UK
4 Dec 2018

Brazil publishes resolution on cosmetic labelling Locked

Brazil, Latin America & Caribbean
14 Nov 2018

Apple, Walmart, Target top US retailer chemical rankings Locked

Amazon, Walgreens and Rite Aid ‘most improved’

North America, United States
8 Nov 2018

ACI, HCPA sue New York over cleaning products disclosure policy Locked

Trade bodies urge state to retract requirements

North America, United States
8 Nov 2018

Canada links cosmetics colourant to cancer risk

Industry says not all data accounted for however

Canada, North America
1 Nov 2018

Palau to ban ten sun cream ingredients by 2020

Law follows Hawaii's ban on oxybenzone and octinoxate sunscreen

Asia Pacific, Rest of Asia
24 Oct 2018

Industry groups tell Echa: reconsider SVHCs database Locked

Circular economy goals better met by investing in recycling technology

17 Oct 2018

New Jersey jury clears J&J of liability in latest talc case Locked

Company facing around 10,600 liability lawsuits

North America, United States
15 Oct 2018

Canada consumer products enforcement exercise finds mixed results Locked

Canada, North America
4 Oct 2018

US Congress introduces broad cosmetics safety bill Locked

Substance prohibitions, ingredient labelling mandate mulled

North America, United States
20 Sep 2018

US pharmacy giant Rite Aid adopts chemical management policy

Drugstore chain's RSL will initially expand from eight to 69 substances

North America, United States
7 Sep 2018

Canada proposes Snac for EDGME Locked

Canada, North America
31 Aug 2018

Colombia weighs animal testing ban for cleaning products, cosmetics Locked

Absorbents included in proposed legislation

Colombia, Latin America & Caribbean
29 Aug 2018

Target will require suppliers to reveal chemical data Locked

US retailer unable to screen ingredients for 62% of products

North America, United States
23 Aug 2018

Canadian draft concludes naphthenic acids are not harmful Locked

But more hazard data expected in weeks under EU REACH

Canada, North America
9 Aug 2018

Anses calls for CMR restriction in feminine hygiene products Locked

French agency says current regulation is ‘insufficient’

26 Jul 2018

Draft EU Regulation to ban eyebrow dye substance Locked

12 Jul 2018

Industry body questions Australian fragrance study

Author expects more fragrance-free policies

Asia Pacific, China