BfR review alerts to data gaps for carcinogenicity of non-food-grade mineral oils Locked

A paper in the journal 'Critical Reviews in Toxicology' explains

Europe, Germany

Washington state tentatively names first priority products Locked

Safer Products for Washington zeroes in on targets for possible regulatory action

North America, United States, US states

EU advisory committee presses Commission on EDC controls Locked

Demands for detailed timetable to implement appropriate criteria


Latin American industry to hold symposium on safe design of cosmetics Locked

Argentina, Latin America & Caribbean, Mercosur

EU health commissioner candidate names EDCs as priority area Locked

Commission has to ‘step up’ to define horizontal criteria, Stella Kyriakides tells hearing


UN should consider how chemicals affect genders differently, say NGOs Locked

Post-2020 Saicm negotiations discuss exposure differences for men and women

Africa & Middle East, Global, Multinational bodies

Personal care association submits sunscreen ingredient work plan to FDA Locked

PCPC continues to pursue deferred rulemaking on 8 substances

North America, United States

Washington state floats potential priority product candidates Locked

Building materials, thermal paper, electronics and fragrances eyed under state’s new programme

North America, United States, US states

Decision on EU titanium dioxide classification expected within weeks Locked

Commission to adopt delegated act after Caracal meeting on 18 September


France outlines priority areas for tackling EDCs Locked

Second national strategy published

Europe, France

Tanzania shifts cosmetics regulation to standards bureau Locked

TSB publishes banned products list

Africa & Middle East, Tanzania

Germany’s VCI publishes guidance on safe nanomaterials waste management Locked

Europe, Germany

US escalates opposition to EU titanium dioxide, cobalt classifications Locked

New statement to WTO follows concerns raised by Australia, Mexico, the Philippines and Russia

Europe, North America, United States

EU body urges Commission to fund research to tackle EDCs Locked

Funds should also help industry with impacts of potential bans


Canada proposes VOC regulations for certain products Locked

Government looks to align with California requirements

Canada, North America

Feature: Is Echa guilty of ‘overREACH’ on animal testing? Locked


California abandons plans to modify Prop 65 reprotox calculations Locked

Change in course follows protest from broad industry coalition

North America, United States, US states

Rules published on EU market surveillance, product compliance Locked


Fitness check finds flaws in EU-wide chemical data assessment Locked

Delayed non-REACH Review report highlights disparate member state implementation


Echa round-up Locked


Exempt ‘essential uses’ to accelerate PFAS phaseout, experts say Locked

But trade association criticises 'flawed assumptions'


The Guardian defends chemicals project against industry criticism Locked

ACC accuses media outlet of 'promoting fear'

North America, United States

US NGO petitions for sunscreen ingredient biomonitoring Locked

North America, United States

EU seeks delegated act for titanium dioxide classification proposal Locked

Move signals change of legal course for CLP classification


Expert Focus: Will the Claire’s recall push the US to improve cosmetics regulation? Locked

North America, United States

Blood levels of oxybenzone from sunscreen exceed US FDA threshold Locked

Preliminary study of healthy volunteers suggests some products should undergo non-clinical toxicology assessment

North America, United States

NGO pushes for action on chemicals ahead of EU summit Locked


New York lawmakers move to restrict toxins in children’s products Locked

Bill seeks to impose reporting requirements, bans on ‘dangerous’ substances

North America, United States, US states

Canada considers ban on animal testing for cosmetics Locked

Measure passed Senate unanimously, but faces time-crunch in House

Canada, North America

EU Parliament urges next Commission to ‘swiftly’ tackle EDCs Locked

Vote applies pressure for 2020 action in toys, cosmetics and FCM sectors