17 Oct 2018

New Jersey jury clears J&J of liability in latest talc case Locked

Company facing around 10,600 liability lawsuits

North America, United States
15 Oct 2018

Canada consumer products enforcement exercise finds mixed results Locked

Canada, North America
4 Oct 2018

US Congress introduces broad cosmetics safety bill Locked

Substance prohibitions, ingredient labelling mandate mulled

North America, United States
20 Sep 2018

US pharmacy giant Rite Aid adopts chemical management policy

Drugstore chain's RSL will initially expand from eight to 69 substances

North America, United States
7 Sep 2018

Canada proposes Snac for EDGME Locked

Canada, North America
31 Aug 2018

Colombia weighs animal testing ban for cleaning products, cosmetics Locked

Absorbents included in proposed legislation

Colombia, Latin America
29 Aug 2018

Target will require suppliers to reveal chemical data Locked

US retailer unable to screen ingredients for 62% of products

North America, United States
23 Aug 2018

Canadian draft concludes naphthenic acids are not harmful Locked

But more hazard data expected in weeks under EU REACH

Canada, North America
9 Aug 2018

Anses calls for CMR restriction in feminine hygiene products Locked

French agency says current regulation is ‘insufficient’

26 Jul 2018

Draft EU Regulation to ban eyebrow dye substance Locked

12 Jul 2018

Industry body questions Australian fragrance study

Author expects more fragrance-free policies

Asia, China
28 Jun 2018

'Tomorrow's technology will suffer' from siloxanes SVHC decision Locked

Trade group argues compounds essential for energy and carbon dioxide reduction

14 Jun 2018

European trade group says plastics database could ‘scare consumers’ Locked

PlasticsEurope was not consulted over packaging project

13 Jun 2018

L’Oreal urged to set timeline for its disclosure goal

US NGOs welcome cosmetic firms announcement

Europe, France, North America, United States
7 Jun 2018

New York finalises cleaning products disclosure policy Locked

Intentionally added ingredients must be disclosed by July 2019

North America, United States
7 Jun 2018

Triclosan may worsen gut inflammation and trigger cancer, study suggests Locked

Chemical may alter populations of gut bacteria

Asia, China, North America, United States
31 May 2018

European researchers create database for chemicals in plastic packaging

CBI 'hampering protection' of health and the environment

Europe, North America, United States
26 Apr 2018

SC Johnson reveals ingredients selection criteria

Level of detail 'not seen before in a cleaning products company'

North America, United States
12 Apr 2018

Virginia becomes fourth US state requiring alternative test methods Locked

State laws affect cosmetics, household products

North America, United States
5 Apr 2018

European automotive group's 'regulatory radar' to launch this summer Locked

Releasing pilot version this month

Europe, Global
8 Mar 2018

EU urged to influence a global cosmetic animal testing ban Locked

1 Mar 2018

Details emerge on China's MEP Order 7 update Locked

New cosmetic ingredients registration rules possible

Asia, China
22 Feb 2018

China looking to approve two non-animal tests for cosmetics ingredients Locked

Latest step in country's growing acceptance of alternative methods

Asia, China
21 Feb 2018

Asean cosmetics committee to ban three fragrance ingredients Locked

15 Feb 2018

Indoor air pollution: UK doctors to research impact on children's health Locked

World’s first comprehensive study of its kind, researchers say

Europe, United Kingdom
14 Feb 2018

California unveils 2018-2020 priority product work plan Locked

North America, United States
17 Jan 2018

EU prepares comprehensive microplastics restriction Locked

Plastics strategy prompts industry agreements to reduce their use

11 Jan 2018

Walgreens pledges to launch long-awaited chemical policy Locked

US pharmacy chain will publish roadmap this year

North America, United States
22 Dec 2017

Echa opens consultation on tattoo ink substances restriction Locked

7 Dec 2017

US healthcare sector ‘needs to gather data on chemicals in products’ Locked

NGO report identifies chemicals of concern in paediatric products

North America, United States