21 May 2019

Bill to ban PFASs from food packaging introduced in Congress Locked

North America, United States
21 May 2019

‘Likely presence’ of PFASs found in Albertsons products Locked

Chemical group not regulated in US but EPA taking steps

North America, United States
16 May 2019

Review urged on presence of SVHCs in EU FCMs Locked

Greater harmonisation needed, consultation feedback says

14 May 2019

Commission to amend plastic food contact materials regulation Locked

13 May 2019

Expert Focus: Regulation of FCMs in Latin America Locked

Latin America & Caribbean
9 May 2019

US FDA issues guidance on notifying infant formula FCMs Locked

North America, United States
3 May 2019

Colombia closes consultation on food contact provisions Locked

Colombia, Latin America & Caribbean
2 May 2019

UK agency head grilled on hazardous chemicals controls in FCMs Locked

Government inquiry explores post-Brexit implications

Europe, UK
1 May 2019

South Korea to assess risk of 60 hazardous substances Locked

Scope includes products in contact with human body

Asia Pacific, South Korea
25 Apr 2019

US FDA refuses consumer advocates’ request for perchlorate hearing Locked

NGOs will explore legal options to dispute the decision

North America, United States
25 Apr 2019

Consumer advocates ask court to vacate US FDA Gras rule Locked

Motion for summary judgement argues food contact approvals approach 'unlawful'

North America, United States
23 Apr 2019

Experts call for 'identical' EDC management for all sectors Locked

French report commissioned by European Parliament

11 Apr 2019

‘Free from’ claims in cosmetics face possible EU restrictions Locked

Member states can choose whether to implement new rules from July

11 Apr 2019

Paper, board sectors release amended FCM guidelines Locked

Lack of a EU-wide measure for the materials has created disadvantage in the market

9 Apr 2019

NGOs propose key principles for future EU FCM regulation Locked

Effective enforcement and more transparency needed

5 Apr 2019

US government shutdown created food contact notification bottleneck Locked

FDA says it may not be able to complete reviews in 120 days

North America, United States
2 Apr 2019

Efsa study looks at emerging chemical risks in food chain Locked

1 Apr 2019

UK passes FCM statutory instrument for no-deal Brexit Locked

SI mirrors EU law but future divergence possible

Europe, UK
28 Mar 2019

Efsa publishes final version of mixtures guidance Locked

26 Feb 2019

Efsa opens consultation on draft assessment of FCM phthalates Locked

21 Feb 2019

NGOs question industry petition to amend FDA ortho-phthalates regulations Locked

Disagreement continues on safety of four substances

North America, United States
19 Feb 2019

Formaldehyde risk prompts Danish mug recall Locked

Contamination found in Poland, no other recalls across Europe

18 Feb 2019

NGO Platform: PFAS chemicals, a sticky issue for grocery chains Locked

North America, United States
13 Feb 2019

France notifies EU Commission of proposed rubber FCM changes Locked

Europe, France
12 Feb 2019

EU begins consultation to evaluate FCM legislation Locked

Provisions not assessed since first set out 42 years ago

6 Feb 2019

Denmark targets ban on all fluorinated chemicals in FCMs Locked

Cardboard and paper materials in crosshairs

Denmark, Europe
31 Jan 2019

Nestlé releases ‘negative list’ of plastic packaging materials Locked

Materials 'difficult to recycle'

Europe, North America, Switzerland, United States
24 Jan 2019

Former Efsa boss criticises authority over communication of uncertainty Locked

But working group says criticism from Geoffrey Podger was 'unjustified'

20 Dec 2018

Efsa panel lowers tolerable intakes for PFOS and PFOA Locked

Exposure assessment is 'highly uncertain'

19 Dec 2018

FluoroCouncil tells Washington state to consult PFAS packagers on ban Locked

Draft plan 'does not go far enough in seeking appropriate stakeholder input'

North America, United States