20 Dec 2018

Efsa panel lowers tolerable intakes for PFOS and PFOA Locked

Exposure assessment is 'highly uncertain'

19 Dec 2018

FluoroCouncil tells Washington state to consult PFAS packagers on ban Locked

Draft plan 'does not go far enough in seeking appropriate stakeholder input'

North America, United States
13 Dec 2018

Two US grocery chains pledge action on PFAS takeout packaging Locked

Commitments from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s follow NGO report

North America, United States
6 Dec 2018

Japan plans FCM positive list for mid-2020 Locked

Workplace safety and hygiene criteria part of changes

Asia, Japan
28 Nov 2018

BPA could get canned

A major can coatings producer has worked with other stakeholders to develop an alternative to bisphenol A-based epoxies

Europe, Global, North America
26 Nov 2018

EU's JRC publishes document on chemicals and FCMs Locked

22 Nov 2018

Washington state plans alternatives assessment for FCM PFASs Locked

North America, United States
21 Nov 2018

Turkey notifies WTO of new plastic FCM rules Locked

Regulation to take effect on 1 February

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Turkey
13 Nov 2018

Canada sets end date for nominations to its food and drug list Locked

Canada, North America
8 Nov 2018

'Moderate evidence' linking DINP to male reproductive effects Locked

EPA-led systematic review

Europe, North America, Sweden, United States
25 Oct 2018

Photoinitiators to form trade group to handle REACH, FCM issues

Half a dozen companies have expressed interest in the plans

25 Oct 2018

Canada confirms that four thiols are not harmful

Dimethyl sulfide, benzyl disulfide and two mercaptans do not meet Cepa criteria

Canada, North America
8 Oct 2018

China plans new FCM standards for ink and adhesives

Details emerged at AsiaHub Summit in Brussels

Asia, China
4 Oct 2018

Vietnam issues civil penalties for unsafe FCMs Locked

Fines signal intent to tighten enforcement

Asia, Vietnam
4 Oct 2018

EU Commission begins evaluation of FCM regulation Locked

Calls for harmonisation at first major stakeholder workshop

4 Oct 2018

Five plastic-packaging phthalates nominated for EU substitution Locked

Academics, NGOs pressure industry to find alternatives

1 Oct 2018

Latin American trade bloc revises regulation on plastics for FCMs Locked

Latin America
27 Sep 2018

Efsa working group begins reevaluating BPA Locked

21 Sep 2018

Legal challenge of US food additives rule will move forward Locked

Gras rule exceeds FDA's statutory authority, say NGOs

North America, United States
20 Sep 2018

French Assembly votes to ban plastic FCMs in school canteens Locked

Containers to be prohibited from 2025

Europe, France
20 Sep 2018

Academics clash with FDA over CLARITY-BPA results Locked

Researchers highlight low-dose effects

North America, United States
20 Sep 2018

Consumer health NGO raises concerns over recycled plastic FCMs Locked

Preparations underway to fast-track approvals of 140 recycling processes

19 Sep 2018

Denmark launches consumer website on chemicals Locked

Denmark, Europe
17 Sep 2018

Norway finds plastic bottles leach small amounts of hazardous chemicals Locked

Europe, Norway
12 Sep 2018

South Korea to ban BPA in infant and toddler FCMs Locked

Implementation expected from January 2010

Asia, South Korea
12 Sep 2018 Briefing

SDGs: the chemicals industry assesses its role Locked

A roadmap is setting out plans for contributing to the UN’s global goals

Europe, North America
27 Aug 2018

San Francisco bans single-use food service ware containing PFASs Locked

Requirements to take effect from 1 January 2020

North America, United States
15 Aug 2018

BfR: BPA link with dental condition in children 'unlikely' Locked

Estimated oral intake lower than test-rat exposure

Europe, Germany
9 Aug 2018

Trade group warns of 'over regulation' of four phthalates Locked

Association raises concern about ‘double listing’ of substances

7 Aug 2018

Germany to make metals in drinking water assessment change Locked

Europe, Germany