9 Jan 2019

Lack of EU regulatory coherence ‘impacting’ mobile phone and textiles sectors

Differing implementation by member states also a factor, report finds

Europe, Global
20 Dec 2018

NGOs rally against industry's call to scrap Echa SVHC database Locked

Industry must become 'champions of transparency' and reinforce trust, they say

13 Dec 2018

South Korea may extend electrical and electronic products regulation Locked

Includes additional product types and phthalate restrictions

Asia, South Korea
12 Dec 2018

Mobile phone casing could indicate chemical exposure, study suggests

Questions over mobiles as chemical sources or indicators

Canada, North America
12 Dec 2018

Funding negotiations could delay Echa’s SVHC database Locked

Information requirements still to be defined

29 Nov 2018

Commission publishes RoHS Directive amendments for lead, cadmium Locked

29 Nov 2018

Set EU RoHS methodology before more assessment, industry says Locked

Seven substances being considered for inclusion

29 Nov 2018

Swedish investigation finds SVHCs in Christmas lights Locked

Companies could face prosecution over lead, cadmium content

Europe, Sweden
22 Nov 2018

Call for electronics sector safety standard for environment, health

Manufacturers urged to lead the way

North America, United States
22 Nov 2018

Brazil’s RoHS may cover cars

But heavy goods vehicles, such as trucks, expected to be exempt

Brazil, Latin America
15 Nov 2018

HP Inc: present chemicals management as a business proposition Locked

HP and IBM discuss management buy-in at Chemical Watch conference

North America, United States
7 Nov 2018

Binding arbitration sets Samsung worker ill-health compensation Locked

Report requests public apology and health and safety improvement fund

Asia, South Korea
1 Nov 2018

Proactive Alliance to develop policy recommendations on SiA reporting Locked

Global, Multinational bodies
1 Nov 2018

REACH registrant finds no aquatic toxicity for SWCNTs Locked

Ocsial says flexibility of tubes might explain results from tests with algae

31 Oct 2018

Echa's SVHC database requirements to be 'within the law' Locked

Any additional information will be voluntary, agency says

24 Oct 2018

Conflict gold reaching US company supply chains, says NGO report

More than 280 US firms potentially involved

Africa & Middle East, Belgium, Europe, North America, United States
24 Oct 2018

Industry groups tell Echa: reconsider SVHCs database Locked

Circular economy goals better met by investing in recycling technology

23 Oct 2018

First detection of 'volatile fluoroorganic compounds' in Arctic air Locked

Norwegian report calls for follow-up study with high priority

Europe, Norway
18 Oct 2018

NGOs urge EU to end POPs exemptions for recycled plastics

Flame retardants 'likely from e-waste' present in recycled toys, study finds

11 Oct 2018

Echa SVHC database will 'add little benefit to waste operators'

Sector groups raise concerns about "unnecessary burdens"

10 Oct 2018 Briefing

Reducing your chemical footprint downstream Locked

Users are demonstrating progress to environmentally sound chemical management

North America
18 Sep 2018

EU calls for feedback on draft RoHS evaluation roadmap Locked

Deadline 12 October

13 Sep 2018

EU trade groups join call to ditch proposed decaBDE threshold Locked

Industry associations raise concerns ahead of European Parliament vote

6 Sep 2018

Cross-sector group considers blockchain technology for SiA standard Locked

Proactive Alliance to discuss technology's potential at next meeting

Europe, Global
30 Aug 2018

Taiwan's Supreme Court upholds RCA occupational health judgment

Precedent set for level of proof for compensation

Asia, Taiwan
1 Aug 2018

Furniture group to seek ‘waiver’ from San Francisco flame retardant ban Locked

Measure extends to electronic components in furniture, children's products

North America, United States
30 Jul 2018

National Academies flame retardant group to convene Locked

North America, United States
26 Jul 2018

Samsung agrees to binding arbitration on ill-health claims Locked

Recommendations will include workplace safety measures

Asia, South Korea
24 Jul 2018

Member states back EU chromium authorisation applications Locked

EDC and diglyme uses also approved

11 Jul 2018

Companies voice support for toxic-free circular economy Locked

Apple, H&M, Lego and Dell among contributors to ChemSec paper