22 May 2019

China issues RoHS2 conformity assessment rules Locked

Compliance options include self-declaration or third-party certification

Asia Pacific, China
20 May 2019

Proposed EU ban on halogenated flame retardants set for July adoption Locked

16 May 2019

UN meeting adopts amendments to international conventions Locked

PFOA, plastic waste and Pic procedure in the spotlight

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Global, Multinational bodies, North America, United States
16 May 2019

South Korea considering delay to extended RoHS following industry concerns Locked

Enforcement postponed until at least 2020

Asia Pacific, South Korea
16 May 2019

Role of mechanistic data prominent in US hexavalent chromium debate Locked

Comments on EPA’s systematic review 'protocol' reveal disagreement

North America, United States
2 May 2019

PFC coatings can degrade in the sun to form PFOA, study suggests Locked

Polyfluoroalkylsilanes commonly used on surfaces

1 May 2019

Stockholm and Basel delegates discuss POPs levels in waste Locked

NGOs calling for strong reductions

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Global
1 May 2019

Washington state paint stewardship, HFC bills head to governor Locked

North America, US states
30 Apr 2019

EU consults on RoHS exemptions for DEHP, lead Locked

25 Apr 2019

Apple develops chemicals of concern prioritising framework Locked

Protocol 'adapts and extends' established methodology

Global, Multinational bodies
25 Apr 2019

Development of Echa SVHC database resumes after resources agreed Locked

But 2020 deadline looking 'very difficult'

24 Apr 2019

Industry group pushes for lead-free electronics in high reliability sectors Locked

North America, United States
23 Apr 2019

Parliament approves draft EU regulation for product compliance Locked

17 Apr 2019

Waste management bodies back Echa SVHC database Locked

Data in one place a ‘great help’

16 Apr 2019

Low doses of nano cerium dioxide cause lung inflammation, major study finds Locked

Results are 'surprising and unexpected'

Europe, Germany
11 Apr 2019

Brazil’s RoHS Regulation moves closer to adoption Locked

Environment minister had considered ‘shelving’ the law

Brazil, Latin America & Caribbean
11 Apr 2019

Researchers urge more protection for workers from organic flame retardants Locked

Further evaluation of replacement substances required

Europe, Global
4 Apr 2019

Draft EU enforcement regulation a RoHS compliance ‘burden’ Locked

Non-EU companies will need to appoint economic operator

Europe, Global
2 Apr 2019

Ecodesign Directive's proposed halogens ban not a precedent, EU says Locked

EEE industry concerned about new front opening on substance restrictions

20 Mar 2019

EU rules out industry call to delay Echa SVHC database Locked

Development of prototype stalled for resourcing discussions

7 Mar 2019

Industry wants to join in on development of Echa SVHC database Locked

Manufacturing experience 'should prove valuable'

25 Feb 2019

Nordic inspections find phthalate, SCCPs in give-away items Locked

Hazardous chemicals detected in electronic products and toys

Denmark, Europe, Norway, Sweden
21 Feb 2019

Cross-sector alliance sets out chemical reporting objectives Locked

‘Mission statement’ sets long-term goal of full material declaration

Global, Multinational bodies
12 Feb 2019

Norway finds high levels of chlorinated paraffins in electrical products Locked

SCCPs and MCCPs detected

Europe, Norway
24 Jan 2019

UN project addresses chemicals in products, lead in paint Locked

Plan to set up initiatives in more than 70 countries

9 Jan 2019

Lack of EU regulatory coherence ‘impacting’ mobile phone and textiles sectors Locked

Differing implementation by member states also a factor, report finds

Europe, Global
20 Dec 2018

NGOs rally against industry's call to scrap Echa SVHC database Locked

Industry must become 'champions of transparency' and reinforce trust, they say

13 Dec 2018

South Korea may extend electrical and electronic products regulation Locked

Includes additional product types and phthalate restrictions

Asia Pacific, South Korea
12 Dec 2018

Mobile phone casing could indicate chemical exposure, study suggests Locked

Questions over mobiles as chemical sources or indicators

Canada, North America
12 Dec 2018

Funding negotiations could delay Echa’s SVHC database Locked

Information requirements still to be defined