4 Sep 2019

Consumer chemical companies join South Korean voluntary product safety scheme Locked

Includes ingredients disclosure and introducing hazard assessment methods

Asia Pacific, South Korea
14 Aug 2019

K-REACH relaxation plans continue despite Japanese shipments Locked

Government move aims to help companies find alternative sources of supply

Asia Pacific, Japan, South Korea
6 Aug 2019

EU Commission consults on proposed RoHS exemptions Locked

30 Jul 2019

Japan-South Korea trade dispute could force relaxation in K-REACH rules Locked

Government pursuing several measures to help domestic industry

Asia Pacific, Japan, South Korea
26 Jul 2019

Slovenian investigation finds lead in electrical items Locked

Europe, Slovenia
25 Jul 2019

RoHS restriction on four phthalates enters into force Locked

19 Jul 2019

France to fund chemical management projects in Africa Locked

Proposals from developing countries could receive €2m from Paris

Africa & Middle East, Europe, France
17 Jul 2019

Taiwan updates mercury restrictions Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
3 Jul 2019

Commission initiative supports SME due diligence in metals supply chain Locked

3 Jul 2019

Guest Column: EU RoHS – a global reference point Locked

2 Jul 2019

Rules published on EU market surveillance, product compliance Locked

1 Jul 2019

Google to grow safer alternatives adoption across company Locked

Circular economy commitment just the beginning, says multinational

North America, United States
27 Jun 2019

Swedish agency organises seminar on chemical safety for online goods Locked

Europe, Sweden
27 Jun 2019

Germany urges crackdown on illegal chemicals in electronics imports Locked

Europe, Germany
24 Jun 2019

Google circular economy plan will remove certain toxics from supply chain Locked

Strategy targets flame retardants, solvents, antimicrobials

North America, United States
11 Jun 2019

Feature: Is the EU lowering global standards for toxic and persistent substances? Locked

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Global, Multinational bodies
6 Jun 2019

Trade groups call for exclusion of ADCA from REACH authorisation Locked

Associations urge worker threshold limit instead

22 May 2019

China issues RoHS2 conformity assessment rules Locked

Compliance options include self-declaration or third-party certification

Asia Pacific, China
20 May 2019

Proposed EU ban on halogenated flame retardants set for July adoption Locked

16 May 2019

UN meeting adopts amendments to international conventions Locked

PFOA, plastic waste and Pic procedure in the spotlight

Global, Multinational bodies
16 May 2019

South Korea considering delay to extended RoHS following industry concerns Locked

Enforcement postponed until at least 2020

Asia Pacific, South Korea
16 May 2019

Role of mechanistic data prominent in US hexavalent chromium debate Locked

Comments on EPA’s systematic review 'protocol' reveal disagreement

North America, United States
2 May 2019

PFC coatings can degrade in the sun to form PFOA, study suggests Locked

Polyfluoroalkylsilanes commonly used on surfaces

1 May 2019

Stockholm and Basel delegates discuss POPs levels in waste Locked

NGOs calling for strong reductions

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Global
1 May 2019

Washington state paint stewardship, HFC bills head to governor Locked

North America, US states
30 Apr 2019

EU consults on RoHS exemptions for DEHP, lead Locked

25 Apr 2019

Apple develops chemicals of concern prioritising framework Locked

Protocol 'adapts and extends' established methodology

Global, Multinational bodies
25 Apr 2019

Development of Echa SVHC database resumes after resources agreed Locked

But 2020 deadline looking 'very difficult'

24 Apr 2019

Industry group pushes for lead-free electronics in high reliability sectors Locked

North America, United States
23 Apr 2019

Parliament approves draft EU regulation for product compliance Locked