16 Sep 2019

Washington state begins transition to interstate chemical reporting portal Locked

North America, US states
12 Sep 2019

Additional chemicals bills see passage in California legislature’s final hours Locked

Cosmetics SDSs and lead management measures to be sent to governor’s desk

North America, United States, US states
5 Sep 2019

Toy 3D printers may emit toxic metals and VOCs Locked

Research from US Niosh and EPA scientists suggests particles could be deposited in lungs alveoli

North America, United States
5 Sep 2019

Vermont floats further reporting changes to children's product scheme Locked

Deadline for comments on proposed amendments is 19 September

North America, United States, US states
28 Aug 2019

South Korea consults on draft amendments to children’s product standard Locked

Revises limits for certain hazardous substances

Asia Pacific, South Korea
22 Aug 2019

Danish minister urges EU declaration on hazardous chemicals in toys Locked

Call follows detection of boron in slime toys in recent inspections

Denmark, Europe
21 Aug 2019

France to propose EU restrictions on hazardous chemicals in diapers Locked

Europe, France
14 Aug 2019

Philippines bans BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups Locked

Manufacturers given six-month grace period to recall products

Asia Pacific, Philippines
6 Aug 2019

NGOs seek retraction of US agencies' crumb rubber study Locked

Finding that exposure to humans appears limited is 'not supported by the evidence'

North America, United States
2 Aug 2019

Vermont amends children's products reporting rule Locked

Changes take effect 15 August

North America, United States, US states
1 Aug 2019

California agency updates list of art materials restricted in classrooms Locked

North America, United States, US states
31 Jul 2019

Turkey amends toy safety rules to align with EU Locked

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Turkey
31 Jul 2019

South Korea designates 128 substances as hazardous for use in children's products Locked

Risk assessments to assess toxicity or carcinogenicity

Asia Pacific, South Korea
30 Jul 2019

US agencies' crumb rubber finding 'premature' Locked

Congressman calls for quick release of human exposure research

North America, United States
26 Jul 2019

US agencies: Human exposure to crumb rubber chemicals 'appears limited' Locked

EPA and ATSDR release findings from characterisation study of synthetic turf material

North America, United States
23 Jul 2019

Denmark finds boron, harmful phthalates in toys Locked

Denmark, Europe
16 Jul 2019

South Korea proposes formaldehyde, methanol standards for hygiene products Locked

Asia Pacific, South Korea
2 Jul 2019

Minnesota updates chemicals of high concern to children list Locked

North America, United States, US states
1 Jul 2019

Oregon adds two more dates for children’s product workshops Locked

North America, US states
27 Jun 2019

Swedish agency organises seminar on chemical safety for online goods Locked

Europe, Sweden
21 Jun 2019

Vermont governor signs into law changes to children’s toxics scheme Locked

Advocates celebrate legislation to 'cut red tape' in existing programme

North America, United States, US states
20 Jun 2019

Pressure on Commission to release non-REACH Refit report Locked

Publication 'essential' for review at upcoming high level conference

19 Jun 2019

Consultation open on EU Commission's EDC roadmap Locked

12 Jun 2019

Minnesota to update chemicals of high concern to children list Locked

Last updated in 2016

North America, United States, US states
28 May 2019

Minnesota to restrict organohalogen FRs in children's products, furniture Locked

Law will also control firefighting foams containing PFASs

North America, United States, US states
24 May 2019

CEN issues revised standard on substance migration from toys Locked

23 May 2019

Vermont legislature clears bill to amend children's product reporting scheme Locked

Measures addressing PFASs also progressing

North America, United States, US states
21 May 2019

California legislature moves forward chemicals in products bills Locked

Cosmetic ingredient SDS measure clears Assembly

North America, United States, US states
16 May 2019

Amazon strengthens enforcement against lead, cadmium in children’s products Locked

Commitment is a result of Washington State investigation

North America, United States
10 May 2019

Ecuador introduces substance limits in toys and paints Locked

Ecuador, Latin America & Caribbean