24 May 2019

CEN issues revised standard on substance migration from toys Locked

23 May 2019

Vermont legislature clears bill to amend children's product reporting scheme Locked

Measures addressing PFASs also progressing

North America, United States, US states
21 May 2019

California legislature moves forward chemicals in products bills Locked

Cosmetic ingredient SDS measure clears Assembly

North America, United States, US states
16 May 2019

Amazon strengthens enforcement against lead, cadmium in children’s products Locked

Commitment is a result of Washington State investigation

North America, United States
10 May 2019

Ecuador introduces substance limits in toys and paints Locked

Ecuador, Latin America & Caribbean
9 May 2019

Industry seeks veto of sweeping New York children’s product bill Locked

Measure would ban ‘dangerous chemicals’, require disclosure on others

North America, United States, US states
9 May 2019

US FDA issues guidance on notifying infant formula FCMs Locked

North America, United States
8 May 2019

‘Portal’ for interstate chemical reporting will launch this year Locked

'One place for both those submitting the information and wanting to access it'

North America, US states
2 May 2019

Member states urge swift EU action on hazardous chemicals in toys Locked

Limit values should be introduced for children over three

2 May 2019

'Alarming' levels of brominated dioxins found in recycled plastic products Locked

Europe, Global
1 May 2019

New York lawmakers move to restrict toxins in children’s products Locked

Bill seeks to impose reporting requirements, bans on ‘dangerous’ substances

North America, United States, US states
25 Apr 2019

Sweden finds chemicals leaking from squeezable plastic toys Locked

Europe, Sweden
23 Apr 2019

Experts call for 'identical' EDC management for all sectors Locked

French report commissioned by European Parliament

9 Apr 2019

Chemicals top EU notifications for product risk Locked

Toys, clothing and cosmetics items in top five of all alerts

4 Apr 2019

Maine proposes designating PFOS a priority chemical Locked

North America, United States, US states
3 Apr 2019

Danish Coop adopts chemical requirements for toy suppliers Locked

National legislation 'insufficient'

Denmark, Europe
26 Mar 2019

Vermont Senate clears bill to amend children's product reporting scheme Locked

Industry protests efforts to unwind 'compromises' in Act 188

North America, United States, US states
21 Mar 2019

Anchorage, Alaska unanimously approves flame retardant ban Locked

North America, United States, US states
19 Mar 2019

Children's cosmetics asbestos warning bill under consideration in US House Locked

Bill comes amid heightened Congressional scrutiny of the mineral in products

North America, United States
7 Mar 2019

US firm Claire’s removes products after FDA asbestos investigation Locked

Company disputes agency’s test results; FDA issues call to action

North America, United States
7 Mar 2019

EU ministers push Commission to speed up EDC strategy Locked

Toys, cosmetics and food contact materials need to be tackled

Denmark, Europe, France, Netherlands
7 Mar 2019

Oregon begins rulemaking for phasing out chemicals of concern Locked

Implementation underway for 'Phase 3' of Toxic-Free Kids Program

North America, United States, US states
28 Feb 2019

EU flame retardants threshold still too high, say NGOs Locked

New limits a 'permission slip' to contaminate toys

28 Feb 2019

Toy industry presses for harmonisation in Vermont reporting rule Locked

Proposed amendments spark disagreement on reporting frequency, scientific criteria

North America, United States, US states
25 Feb 2019

Nordic inspections find phthalate, SCCPs in give-away items Locked

Hazardous chemicals detected in electronic products and toys

Denmark, Europe, Norway, Sweden
15 Feb 2019

Denmark opens bids for projects on chemicals in consumer goods Locked

Denmark, Europe
14 Feb 2019

French industry commits to eliminate hazardous chemicals from nappies Locked

Three-month deadline; requirement to improve consumer information

Europe, France
13 Feb 2019

France notifies EU Commission of proposed rubber FCM changes Locked

Europe, France
12 Feb 2019

California SCP programme confirms flame retardant phase-out Locked

Children's sleep products 'appear to be in compliance', testing shows

North America, United States
31 Jan 2019

Vermont considering changes to children's products rule Locked

State looks to expand reportable substances list, modify reporting frequency

North America, United States