15 Oct 2018

Canada consumer products enforcement exercise finds mixed results Locked

Canada, North America
11 Oct 2018

Echa SVHC database will 'add little benefit to waste operators' Locked

Sector groups raise concerns about "unnecessary burdens"

11 Oct 2018

EU adopts restrictions on CMRs in textiles Locked

Covers 33 substances

1 Oct 2018

Flame retardant ban signed into California law Locked

Children's products, mattress foam and upholstered furniture covered

North America, United States
29 Aug 2018

Target will require suppliers to reveal chemical data Locked

US retailer unable to screen ingredients for 62% of products

North America, United States
23 Jul 2018

American pediatrics group presses for FCM reforms Locked

AAP highlights BPA, phthalates, PFCs among 'additives of most concern'

North America, United States
5 Jul 2018

J&J to reveal fragrance ingredients in its babycare products

Transparency initiative will launch in August

North America
28 Jun 2018

Online retailers commit to speed up removal of dangerous products Locked

Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Rakuten France sign European Commission pledge

Europe, Global
14 Jun 2018

European trade group says plastics database could ‘scare consumers’ Locked

PlasticsEurope was not consulted over packaging project

4 Jun 2018

US CPSC plans to act on furniture flammability standard in 2019 Locked

Separate rule pending that could see flame retardants banned

North America, United States
31 May 2018

European researchers create database for chemicals in plastic packaging

CBI 'hampering protection' of health and the environment

Europe, North America, United States
24 May 2018

Brazilian government holds first meeting on electronics law Locked

Industry raises concerns about proposal's enforcement

Brazil, Europe, Latin America
24 May 2018

Negative impacts of US conflict minerals law being 'exaggerated' Locked

Study claims companies keen to see DRC rule repealed

Europe, North America, United States
17 May 2018

EU restriction on CMRs in textiles a 'missed opportunity'

Beuc advises consumers to purchase ecolabelled articles

10 May 2018

North American organisation examines presence of PFASs in apparel Locked

Study targets 31 substances

North America
27 Apr 2018

California distributor ordered to pay $1.6m for metals in jewellery Locked

Products contained lead, cadmium above legal limits

North America, United States
20 Apr 2018

Vermont Senate votes to override governor toxics bill veto Locked

Two-thirds majority achieved, bill moves back to the House

North America, United States
10 Apr 2018

Businesses respond to Brazil’s request for EU RoHS experience Locked

Country is in process of developing similar regulation

Brazil, Europe, Latin America
5 Apr 2018

European automotive group's 'regulatory radar' to launch this summer Locked

Releasing pilot version this month

Europe, Global
5 Apr 2018

BASF and auto industry group agree substitution criteria

Chemical and vehicle manufacturers showing interest

22 Mar 2018

FDA investigating reports of tremolite asbestos in makeup Locked

Claire’s Accessories refutes contamination claims

North America, United States
21 Mar 2018

Amazon's e-commerce model a 'hurdle' for chemicals policy compliance

Company plans to make announcement this year

Global, North America, United States
14 Mar 2018

EU launches Jordan project to align testing of electrical equipment, toys Locked

Africa & Middle East, Jordan
8 Mar 2018

Industry praises EU's 'sensible' draft restriction on CMRs in textiles Locked

But consumer NGO says proposal overlooks problematic chemicals

22 Feb 2018

Egypt aligns toy safety standards with EU Locked

Africa & Middle East, Egypt
15 Feb 2018

UAE's RoHS-like regulation causing 'mass confusion'

Hundreds of products waiting to be put on the market, says consultant

Africa & Middle East, Asia, Europe, United Arab Emirates
13 Feb 2018

EU enforcement project finds non-compliance in jewellery, toys Locked

Phthalates, asbestos also detected

8 Feb 2018

Brazilian RoHS could prove 'difficult for small suppliers' Locked

More details about implementation needed, says EEE trade group

Brazil, Latin America
11 Jan 2018

Walgreens pledges to launch long-awaited chemical policy Locked

US pharmacy chain will publish roadmap this year

North America, United States
4 Jan 2018

Brazil to propose RoHS-like regulation for electronics Locked

Environment ministry calls for input from EEE sector

Brazil, Latin America