9 Jan 2019

Lack of EU regulatory coherence ‘impacting’ mobile phone and textiles sectors

Differing implementation by member states also a factor, report finds

Europe, Global
21 Dec 2018

NGO urges EU elimination of hazardous chemicals in carpets by 2025 Locked

Manufacturers endorse circular economy approach

20 Dec 2018

NGO, researchers call for US action on substances of concern in carpets Locked

'At least one toxic chemical' found in 12 tested samples

North America, United States
7 Dec 2018

EU fire safety plans prompt industry discussion on flame retardants Locked

Grenfell Tower incident has raised need for action

29 Nov 2018

MEPs approve blocking of chromate authorisation draft decision Locked

Commission under pressure to avoid setting ‘dangerous’ precedent

22 Nov 2018

Envi challenges sodium dichromate authorisation draft decision Locked

Draft motion may influence possible December REACH committee vote

22 Nov 2018

Norwegian review finds that PFBS persists and is mobile

But the bioaccumulation potential is low compared with PFOS

Europe, Norway
1 Nov 2018

Toxic chemicals found in major EU retailer carpets Locked

Phthalates and PFASs found in samples

1 Nov 2018

EU Court dismisses Deza anthraquinone classification case Locked

24 Oct 2018

Industry groups tell Echa: reconsider SVHCs database Locked

Circular economy goals better met by investing in recycling technology

22 Oct 2018

Member states urged to reject chromate authorisation applications

Safer alternatives exist for wool dyeing and decorative chrome plating, NGOs say

11 Oct 2018

EU adopts restrictions on CMRs in textiles Locked

Covers 33 substances

10 Oct 2018 Briefing

A mixed picture on the ground Locked

The reality of REACH and CLP enforcement is considerably more complex than regulators might think

10 Oct 2018 Briefing

Reducing your chemical footprint downstream Locked

Users are demonstrating progress to environmentally sound chemical management

North America
2 Oct 2018

UN expert committee recommends global action on three PFASs

Stockholm Convention Review committee agrees recommendations ahead of 2019 meeting

14 Aug 2018

German app raises awareness of PFCs Locked

Europe, Germany
8 Aug 2018

EU trade group raises concerns over possible skin sensitiser restriction Locked

But Greenpeace says measure would ‘help clean the supply chain’

1 Aug 2018

UK charity questions effectiveness of PFAS coatings in school uniforms Locked

Europe, UK
18 Jul 2018

Clothing companies make 'significant progress' towards Greenpeace Detox goals Locked

Report outlines campaign’s achievements and challenges

12 Jul 2018

Canada adds triclosan to toxic substances list Locked

Dye disperse yellow 3 also added

Canada, North America
12 Jul 2018

Anses warns about allergens, irritants in clothing and footwear Locked

Formaldehyde, heavy metals found in textiles

Europe, France
11 Jul 2018

Companies voice support for toxic-free circular economy Locked

Apple, H&M, Lego and Dell among contributors to ChemSec paper

21 Jun 2018

Greenpeace finds PFAS and microplastics in the Antarctic Locked

Polyester fabric is likely source of microfibres, says report

14 Jun 2018

Textile industry will adopt less hazardous materials, report says Locked

US venture capital fund aims to spark innovation

Global, North America, United States
11 Jun 2018

NGO report urges fashion brands to join collaborative initiatives Locked

Eliminating hazardous chemicals an 'overwhelming task' for the industry

17 May 2018

EU restriction on CMRs in textiles a 'missed opportunity'

Beuc advises consumers to purchase ecolabelled articles

10 May 2018

North American organisation examines presence of PFASs in apparel Locked

Study targets 31 substances

North America
26 Apr 2018

EU member states back CMR restrictions in clothing, textiles Locked

Thirty three substances affected; limits applicable two years after publication

24 Apr 2018

NGOs urge member states to support REACH nano amendments Locked

Calls to back restrictions on phthalates and CMRs, ahead of REACH Committee meeting

19 Apr 2018

Italian textiles company supports NGO authorisation recommendations

Gruppo Colle application used as an example in ChemSec, ClientEarth report

Europe, Italy