14 Mar 2019

Companies reported to Swedish prosecutor for chemicals non-compliance Locked

Lead, phthalates, SCCPs detected in articles

Europe, Sweden
12 Mar 2019

Washington state priority products legislation clears Senate Locked

Programme could see restrictions, prohibitions of chemicals of concern

North America, United States, US states
19 Feb 2019

Norway finds microplastics at bottom of North Sea Locked

Europe, Norway
11 Dec 2018

EU survey finds article suppliers lack information on SVHCs Locked

Less than half of 174 companies felt ‘well-informed’

18 Sep 2018

US NGO adds 12 companies to retailer ranking campaign Locked

McDonalds, Starbucks among those included

North America, United States
13 Sep 2018

Egypt adopts REACH restrictions to cover leather production Locked

Africa & Middle East, Egypt
11 Sep 2018

US environmental groups lobby Congress for ban on new PFASs

Organisations push for phase-downs on full class of substances

North America, United States
9 Aug 2018

Anses calls for CMR restriction in feminine hygiene products Locked

French agency says current regulation is ‘insufficient’

23 Jul 2018

EU project assesses 'critical' PFAS use in textiles Locked

MIDWOR-Life finds only fluorinated compounds provide oil repellency

14 Jun 2018

European trade group says plastics database could ‘scare consumers’ Locked

PlasticsEurope was not consulted over packaging project

12 Apr 2018

Echa recommends restriction on flame retardants in polyurethane foams

Exposure to TCEP, TCPP and TDCP poses carcinogenicity risk to infants

Europe, North America, United States
21 Mar 2018

Amazon's e-commerce model a 'hurdle' for chemicals policy compliance

Company plans to make announcement this year

Global, North America, United States
15 Mar 2018

Industry representatives start talks on cross-sector material declarations

It will help track and share information on SVHCs, say delegates

Europe, Global
15 Feb 2018

Indoor air pollution: UK doctors to research impact on children's health Locked

World’s first comprehensive study of its kind, researchers say

Europe, UK
13 Feb 2018

EU enforcement project finds non-compliance in jewellery, toys Locked

Phthalates, asbestos also detected

21 Dec 2017

The Netherlands starts RMOA on two substances

Chemicals used to clean swimming pools, in dyes

Europe, Germany, Netherlands
23 Nov 2017

EU enforcement pilot to target phthalates, flame retardants Locked

Substances in articles project to include electrical products, building materials

9 Nov 2017

Efforts to ban PFHxS globally move forward Locked

But debate continues over PFOA exemptions

Europe, Global
2 Nov 2017

Costco works with green centre on chemical management

US retailer’s new policy goes ‘beyond regulatory compliance'

North America, United States
18 Oct 2017

Three EU member states start new substance RMOAs

Commission preparing the same for three suspected CMR substances

Belgium, Denmark, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden
12 Oct 2017

Echa to set up supply chain network to promote substitution Locked

Agency calls on businesses to join discussion around alternatives

3 Oct 2017

EU member states approve new batch of authorisation applications Locked

Includes uses of chromates, trichloroethylene and EDC

23 Aug 2017

RIVM publishes hazardous substances in waste streams study Locked

Europe, Netherlands
22 Jun 2017

Echa committee agrees PFHxS is an SVHC Locked

Longer half-life in humans than PFOA and PFOS

22 May 2017

Norwegian study identifies PFBS uses and risks Locked

Europe, Norway
11 Apr 2017

US SEC to dial back conflict minerals rule enforcement Locked

Wider variation in reports' details expected

North America, United States
11 Apr 2017

EU automotive group develops criteria for selecting suitable alternatives

'Regrettable substitution' a costly problem, says Acea

Europe, Global
6 Apr 2017

Final judgement entered in US conflict minerals litigation Locked

Future of Dodd-Frank section 1502 still remains in flux

North America, United States
28 Mar 2017

Downstream sectors urged to participate in global chemical talks

Broader industry engagement is needed to achieve Saicm goal

23 Mar 2017

Echa's Rac and Seac agree on phthalates restriction proposal Locked

Applies to articles including toys, flooring and footwear