16 Sep 2019

Industry groups push back against California 1,4-dioxane proposal Locked

DTSC mulls 1ppm threshold for action under SCP programme

North America, United States, US states
4 Sep 2019

Consumer chemical companies join South Korean voluntary product safety scheme Locked

Includes ingredients disclosure and introducing hazard assessment methods

Asia Pacific, South Korea
29 Aug 2019

New York judge invalidates cleaning products ingredient disclosure scheme Locked

HCPA, ACI prevail in legal challenge to state transparency policy

North America, US states
16 Aug 2019

Colorado VOC limits to take effect in May 2020 Locked

North America, United States, US states
13 Aug 2019

Industry: New York 1,4-dioxane bill would cost billions Locked

Groups lean on governor to adopt 10ppm limit for consumer products

North America, United States, US states
2 Aug 2019

Cleaning products groups push for expanded 1,4-dioxane TSCA risk evaluation Locked

ACI, GMA seek federal preemption of state-level policies

North America, United States, US states
23 Jul 2019

California extends 1,4-dioxane SCP consultation Locked

North America, United States, US states
18 Jul 2019

Commission identifies regulatory overlaps in EU detergents sector Locked

Inaugural evaluation reveals duplicate compliance activities, overloaded labels

5 Jul 2019

The Guardian reaches funding target for Toxic America project Locked

Industry accuses media outlet of 'rehashing false claims'

North America, United States
26 Jun 2019

EU inspectors to check classification of mixtures Locked

Detergents and cleaning products in scope

25 Jun 2019

New York legislature to send chemicals bills to governor's desk Locked

Consumer products with 1,4-dioxane, firefighting foams and menstrual products addressed

North America, United States, US states
20 Jun 2019

Pressure on Commission to release non-REACH Refit report Locked

Publication 'essential' for review at upcoming high level conference

20 Jun 2019

P&G ‘on track’ to meet 2019 ingredient disclosure goal Locked

Consumer product giant delivers on fragrance transparency

Canada, North America, United States
14 Jun 2019

New York delays enforcing cleaning product disclosure until 2020 Locked

Second time the state has postponed enforcement

North America, US states
4 Jun 2019

South Korea announces biocide approvals criteria Locked

Full list of designated substances and product types available by end of year

Asia Pacific, South Korea
29 May 2019

California eyes 1,4-dioxane in certain consumer products Locked

DTSC mulls priority product designation under SCP programme

North America, United States, US states
21 May 2019

Feature: US states adopt tough line on volatile organic compounds Locked

North America, United States
9 May 2019

Methanol restriction on windscreen fluids comes into force in EU Locked

8 May 2019

Chief scientists back broader EU policy to tackle microplastics pollution Locked

Group recommends targeted approach, global outreach

24 Apr 2019

South Korea releases consumer chemical products standards Locked

Comprehensive rules include phase-in safety checks and labelling requirements

Asia Pacific, South Korea
23 Apr 2019

Experts call for 'identical' EDC management for all sectors Locked

French report commissioned by European Parliament

18 Apr 2019

South Korea recalls imported washing products containing CMIT/MIT Locked

Colgate-Palmolive washing-up liquid triggers enhanced inspections

Asia Pacific, South Korea
17 Apr 2019

European detergents body builds case for digitalisation of product labels Locked

Trade body ramps up initiative with Echa, UN discussions

11 Apr 2019

New York legislators drop ingredient disclosure proposal Locked

‘Dangerously vague’ concept omitted from 2020 budget package

North America, United States, US states
11 Apr 2019

CLP report examines poison centre mixture provisions issue Locked

Workability suggestions for construction, paints and detergents sectors

20 Mar 2019

Seoul prosecutors reopen humidifier biocide investigation Locked

New investigations follow CMIT/MIT toxicity test results

Asia Pacific, South Korea
15 Feb 2019

Industry groups push 'California model' of right-to-know laws Locked

Concerns persist about a patchwork of regulations

North America, United States
7 Feb 2019

UN invites cleaning products firms to join global chemical talks Locked

International discussions missing downstream input

24 Jan 2019

New York state delays enforcement of cleaning products disclosure Locked

Industry litigation, concern with programme remains

North America, United States
17 Jan 2019

SC Johnson expands ingredient disclosure to Latin America Locked

Information now available for more than 8,700 products

Latin America & Caribbean, North America, United States