9 Jul 2019

Canada proposes VOC regulations for certain products Locked

Government looks to align with California requirements

Canada, North America
3 Jul 2019

California abandons plans to modify Prop 65 reprotox calculations Locked

Change in course follows protest from broad industry coalition

North America, United States, US states
27 Jun 2019

Fitness check finds flaws in EU-wide chemical data assessment Locked

Delayed non-REACH Review report highlights disparate member state implementation

13 Jun 2019

NGOs press TSCA advisory group to assess PV29 data adequacy Locked

Controversy continues ahead of 18 June SACC meeting

North America, United States
10 Jun 2019

The Guardian defends chemicals project against industry criticism Locked

ACC accuses media outlet of 'promoting fear'

North America, United States
29 May 2019

California legislature continues to advance chemical bills Locked

Focus on cosmetic ingredient disclosure bill, ahead of Friday deadline

North America, United States, US states
12 Mar 2019

Washington state priority products legislation clears Senate Locked

Programme could see restrictions, prohibitions of chemicals of concern

North America, United States, US states
31 Jan 2019

New York governor announces proposal to expand ingredient disclosure Locked

Andrew Cuomo floats 'Consumer Right to Know Act'

North America, United States
23 Jan 2019

Unilever discloses fragrance ingredients in Europe, US Locked

Plans to expand to 'other countries'

Europe, Global, North America, United States
20 Dec 2018

NGOs rally against industry's call to scrap Echa SVHC database Locked

Industry must become 'champions of transparency' and reinforce trust, they say

12 Dec 2018

Funding negotiations could delay Echa’s SVHC database Locked

Information requirements still to be defined

22 Nov 2018

Walgreens adopts chemicals policy Locked

Restricted substances to be phased out by 2021

North America, United States
24 Oct 2018

Industry groups tell Echa: reconsider SVHCs database Locked

Circular economy goals better met by investing in recycling technology

18 Oct 2018

California agency ramps up regulatory efforts under SCP programme Locked

Proposal taking shape to address paint strippers containing NMP

North America, United States
31 Aug 2018

Colombia weighs animal testing ban for cleaning products, cosmetics Locked

Absorbents included in proposed legislation

Colombia, Latin America & Caribbean
29 Aug 2018

Target will require suppliers to reveal chemical data Locked

US retailer unable to screen ingredients for 62% of products

North America, United States
5 Jul 2018

Australian study recommends fragrance-free policies for shared indoor spaces Locked

Chemical sensitivities an issue for many

Asia Pacific, Australia
14 Jun 2018

European trade group says plastics database could ‘scare consumers’ Locked

PlasticsEurope was not consulted over packaging project

8 Jun 2018

Italy to ban microplastics used in rinse-off cosmetics products Locked

Draft Regulation also covers ear cleaning sticks

Europe, Italy
7 Jun 2018

Cosmetics giant L'Oréal commits to disclosing fragrance ingredients Locked

US NGO accuses company of ‘lagging behind the curve’

Europe, France, North America, United States
31 May 2018

European researchers create database for chemicals in plastic packaging Locked

CBI 'hampering protection' of health and the environment

Europe, North America, United States
12 Apr 2018

Virginia becomes fourth US state requiring alternative test methods Locked

State laws affect cosmetics, household products

North America, United States
21 Mar 2018

Maryland considers NMP, methylene chloride ban Locked

North America, United States
15 Mar 2018

South Korean biocides law set for 20 March adoption Locked

Updated K-REACH to get final go ahead at the same time

Asia Pacific, South Korea
15 Feb 2018

Indoor air pollution: UK doctors to research impact on children's health Locked

World’s first comprehensive study of its kind, researchers say

Europe, UK
14 Feb 2018

California unveils 2018-2020 priority product work plan Locked

North America, United States
11 Jan 2018

Walgreens pledges to launch long-awaited chemical policy Locked

US pharmacy chain will publish roadmap this year

North America, United States
21 Dec 2017

The Netherlands starts RMOA on two substances Locked

Chemicals used to clean swimming pools, in dyes

Europe, Germany, Netherlands
7 Dec 2017

US healthcare sector ‘needs to gather data on chemicals in products’ Locked

NGO report identifies chemicals of concern in paediatric products

North America, United States
2 Nov 2017

Costco works with green centre on chemical management Locked

US retailer’s new policy goes ‘beyond regulatory compliance'

North America, United States