20 Dec 2018

NGOs rally against industry's call to scrap Echa SVHC database Locked

Industry must become 'champions of transparency' and reinforce trust, they say

12 Dec 2018

Funding negotiations could delay Echa’s SVHC database Locked

Information requirements still to be defined

5 Dec 2018

Greater EU regulatory consistency needed for end-of-life vehicles – industry Locked

SVHCs and substance thresholds under question

22 Nov 2018

Brazil’s RoHS may cover cars

But heavy goods vehicles, such as trucks, expected to be exempt

Brazil, Latin America
14 Nov 2018

EU automotive group launches ‘regulatory radar’ Locked

System will track relevant regulations being drafted

13 Nov 2018

Safety shortcomings found in 68% of inspected Finnish small workplaces Locked

Chemical risk assessment inappropriate in two thirds of companies

Europe, Finland
1 Nov 2018

Proactive Alliance to develop policy recommendations on SiA reporting Locked

Global, Multinational bodies
1 Nov 2018

California adds soluble nickel compounds to Prop 65 Locked

Californian regulatory landscape now more closely resembles the EU's

North America, United States
31 Oct 2018

Echa's SVHC database requirements to be 'within the law' Locked

Any additional information will be voluntary, agency says

24 Oct 2018

Conflict gold reaching US company supply chains, says NGO report

More than 280 US firms potentially involved

Africa & Middle East, Belgium, Europe, North America, United States
24 Oct 2018

Industry groups tell Echa: reconsider SVHCs database Locked

Circular economy goals better met by investing in recycling technology

22 Oct 2018

Member states urged to reject chromate authorisation applications

Safer alternatives exist for wool dyeing and decorative chrome plating, NGOs say

18 Oct 2018

US legislation to allow PFAS alternatives in airport firefighting foams Locked

North America, United States
11 Oct 2018

Echa SVHC database will 'add little benefit to waste operators'

Sector groups raise concerns about "unnecessary burdens"

11 Oct 2018

Commission launches review of end-of-life vehicles Directive Locked

A focus on inconsistencies and overlaps with other EU legislation

11 Oct 2018

Canadian draft assessment provisionally finds base oils are not harmful Locked

The government considered 39 petrochemical UVCBs

Canada, North America
10 Oct 2018 Briefing

A mixed picture on the ground Locked

The reality of REACH and CLP enforcement is considerably more complex than regulators might think

4 Oct 2018

Commission notifies WTO of TDFA restriction proposal Locked

27 Sep 2018

Industry concerned with TSCA chlorinated paraffin Snurs Locked

Five-year notification requirements could bring downstream uncertainty

North America, United States
20 Sep 2018

EU rejects Japan’s request for motorcycle parts phthalates exemption

Increased transitional period also unjustified says EU

Asia, Europe, Japan
13 Sep 2018

EU trade groups join call to ditch proposed decaBDE threshold Locked

Industry associations raise concerns ahead of European Parliament vote

6 Sep 2018

Cross-sector group considers blockchain technology for SiA standard Locked

Proactive Alliance to discuss technology's potential at next meeting

Europe, Global
30 Aug 2018

China's coating industry completes consultation on 'low-VOC' standard Locked

Final adoption expected to happen in 2019

Asia, China
30 Aug 2018

Canada confirms safety of metal industry waste products Locked

Canada, North America
23 Aug 2018

Volkswagen finds cadmium in 124,000 plug-in cars Locked

German car manufacturer may have to recall affected models

9 Aug 2018

Industry asks for time to review proposed cobalt metal classification

Specific concentration limit could bring ‘large socio-economic impact’

24 Jul 2018

Member states back EU chromium authorisation applications Locked

EDC and diglyme uses also approved

12 Jul 2018

EU auto industry wants decaBDE proposal aligned with REACH

Proposed limit value would have ‘detrimental effect' on recycling, says trade body

28 Jun 2018

DecaBDE proposal would 'end recycling of car, electronics plastics' in Europe

Derogation for recycled material must be included, says industry

14 Jun 2018

US investors chide companies for thin conflict minerals reports

SEC statements 'do not provide avenue to neglect due diligence reporting'

North America, United States