Expert Focus: What are the implications of the US EPA's expected final rule on persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals? Locked

December should see a final rule on PBTs under TSCA. Lynn L Bergeson and Christopher R Blunck of Bergeson & Campbell outline the issues.

North America, United States

Expansive Vermont PFAS bill moves forward Locked

Legislation would restrict substance class in food packaging, carpets

North America, United States, US states

Washington legislature advances bill to expand PFAS restrictions Locked

Measure would eliminate exemptions in existing firefighting foam law

North America, United States, US states

Norway begins checks on compliance with CLP labelling Locked

Follow-up to 2017-2018 project includes biocides

Europe, Norway

TSCA review identifies risk to workers, consumers from NMP exposures Locked

No risk finding floated for environment and non-users in draft evaluation

North America, United States

TSCA methylene chloride review finds unreasonable risk for dozens of uses Locked

EPA draft risk evaluation flags concern for most occupational and consumer applications

North America, United States

Electronics association gives recommendations to Echa on Scip database Locked

IPC developing standard to help industry comply


EU industry groups release criteria to identify ‘sound science’ on chemicals Locked

Europe, Germany

UN committee recommends trade restrictions on decaBDE Locked

Industrial chemical could be subject to 'prior informed consent' procedure

Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Global, Japan, Multinational bodies, North America, Norway

German assessment body recommends no restriction for EU-RoHS substances Locked

Substances include beryllium and indium phosphide


New Zealand plans to phase out PFAS in firefighting foams Locked

Five-year transition period proposed

Asia Pacific, New Zealand

US EPA calls on electronics sector for TBBPA use information Locked

Substance is one of 20 high priority candidates for risk evaluation under TSCA

North America, United States

Echa SVHC database is ‘tip of the iceberg’ Locked

Obligations to report information on chemicals 'picking up speed'


Decision on EU titanium dioxide classification expected within weeks Locked

Commission to adopt delegated act after Caracal meeting on 18 September


Canada allows airports to use fluorine-free firefighting foams Locked

US grapples with availability of alternatives

Canada, North America

South Korea expands VOC controls and tightens limits in paint Locked

Maximum limits set and substances added to scope

Asia Pacific, South Korea

Trump objects to PFAS foam restrictions, threatens to veto spending bill Locked

Congress mulls wide menu of options for addressing contamination under NDAA

North America, United States

California SCP programme sees first manufacturers commit to alternatives analysis Locked

Five methylene chloride paint remover companies to undergo process; six others pull products

North America, United States, US states

China launches stricter VOC management plan Locked

New standards and regulatory crackdown to affect key industries

Asia Pacific, China

Canada proposes VOC regulations for certain products Locked

Government looks to align with California requirements

Canada, North America

California abandons plans to modify Prop 65 reprotox calculations Locked

Change in course follows protest from broad industry coalition

North America, United States, US states

Canada adds Benpat, certain cobalt substances to toxic substances list Locked

Canada, North America

EU trade groups call for changes to formaldehyde restriction proposal Locked

Test methods source of concern


Feature: Is the EU lowering global standards for toxic and persistent substances? Locked

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Global, Multinational bodies

California adopts Prop 65 definition for soluble nickel compounds Locked

North America, United States, US states

DSM to phase out chemicals of high concern from coating resins business Locked

CMRs and PBTs targeted

Global, Multinational bodies

EU consults on RoHS exemptions for DEHP, lead Locked


Canadian draft screening assessment provisionally clears diazenedicarboxamide Locked

Canada, North America

Industry group pushes for lead-free electronics in high reliability sectors Locked

North America, United States

Georgia legislature sends PFAS firefighting foam bill to governor Locked

North America, United States, US states