9 Aug 2018

Industry asks for time to review proposed cobalt metal classification

Specific concentration limit could bring ‘large socio-economic impact’

24 Jul 2018

Member states back EU chromium authorisation applications Locked

EDC and diglyme uses also approved

12 Jul 2018

EU auto industry wants decaBDE proposal aligned with REACH

Proposed limit value would have ‘detrimental effect' on recycling, says trade body

28 Jun 2018

DecaBDE proposal would 'end recycling of car, electronics plastics' in Europe Locked

Derogation for recycled material must be included, says industry

14 Jun 2018

US investors chide companies for thin conflict minerals reports

SEC statements 'do not provide avenue to neglect due diligence reporting'

North America, United States
7 Jun 2018

NGOs urge restriction proposal on titanium dioxide consumer articles Locked

Member states to discuss carcinogen classification on 13 June

31 May 2018

UK aerospace sector ‘deeply concerned’ about scope of Echa’s future role Locked

Cefic, Eurometaux also raise doubts in feedback to draft strategic plan

24 May 2018

Chinese cities phase out solvent-based coatings

Variety of approaches adopted and industries targeted

Asia, China
3 May 2018

Concerns raised about EU methanol restriction on windscreen fluids Locked

Institute says financial impact will outweigh health benefits

3 May 2018

NMP added to REACH restricted substances list Locked

Six-year deferral for wire coatings sector

1 May 2018

Car parts suppliers called to action on REACH, Brexit Locked

Conference shines spotlight on authorisation and substances in articles

5 Apr 2018

European automotive group's 'regulatory radar' to launch this summer Locked

Releasing pilot version this month

Europe, Global
5 Apr 2018

BASF and auto industry group agree substitution criteria

Chemical and vehicle manufacturers showing interest

5 Apr 2018

Agreement close on second revision of carcinogens and mutagens Directive

22 Mar 2018

Enforcement pilot to target EU chromium VI authorisations Locked

CLP pilot on control of internet chemicals sales shows high non-compliance

15 Mar 2018

Industry representatives start talks on cross-sector material declarations

It will help track and share information on SVHCs, say delegates

Europe, Global
8 Mar 2018

Diisocyanate IPDI not harmful, draft Canadian assessment concludes

Consumer exposure via DIY automotive paints considered

Canada, North America
26 Feb 2018

EU countries back authorisation applications for chromate uses Locked

Includes military and aerospace applications

22 Feb 2018

US analysis raises concern about household chemical product VOCs

Relative contribution to air pollution from transportation falling

North America, United States
13 Feb 2018

Rubber ingredient poses risk to environment, Canada says

TMTD is highly toxic to aquatic organisms

Canada, North America
1 Feb 2018

Germany challenges Board of Appeal Decision in legal first

Echa in EU court over REACH evaluation of benpat

30 Jan 2018

Cases of coolant fluid poisoning rise in Sweden Locked

Europe, Sweden
17 Jan 2018

EU prepares comprehensive microplastics restriction Locked

Plastics strategy prompts industry agreements to reduce their use

4 Jan 2018

Consumer groups demand chemical regulation talks after EU-Japan trade deal

Both sides call for ‘precautionary approach’ to chemical safety

Asia, Europe, Japan
3 Jan 2018

UK business body backs sticking with Echa after Brexit Locked

Non-participation would create 'serious competitive disadvantage', says CBI

Europe, United Kingdom
19 Dec 2017

Echa and aviation safety agency sign cooperation agreement Locked

Aim is to ensure best use of available resources

Europe, Finland, Germany
6 Dec 2017

Canada plans no action on trimelliates, DIDA Locked

Substances cleared under draft assessments

Canada, North America
30 Nov 2017

Companies failing to comply with cobalt due diligence, says NGO report Locked

Automotive companies' efforts lag behind electronics sector

Africa & Middle East, Congo
30 Nov 2017

Singapore set to ban short-chain chlorinated paraffins Locked

Designated as hazardous substances under new rules

Asia, Singapore
22 Nov 2017

EU member states back methanol restriction in windscreen washing fluids Locked

Methanol Institute says consumption and poisoning ‘not EU-wide problem’

Europe, Finland, Poland