18 Oct 2018

California agency ramps up regulatory efforts under SCP programme Locked

Proposal taking shape to address paint strippers containing NMP

North America, United States
11 Oct 2018

EU adopts restrictions on CMRs in textiles Locked

Covers 33 substances

2 Aug 2018

Nickel industry 'surprised' by scrutiny in California

Committee will consider possible DART Prop 65 listing for metal and its compounds

North America, United States
24 May 2018

Brazilian government holds first meeting on electronics law Locked

Industry raises concerns about proposal's enforcement

Brazil, Europe, Latin America
24 May 2018

Negative impacts of US conflict minerals law being 'exaggerated' Locked

Study claims companies keen to see DRC rule repealed

Europe, North America, United States
10 Apr 2018

Businesses respond to Brazil’s request for EU RoHS experience Locked

Country is in process of developing similar regulation

Brazil, Europe, Latin America
29 Mar 2018

Automotive groups defend lead-acid batteries in California Locked

Stakeholders call for SCP programme to focus on "greatest impact" products

North America, United States
7 Mar 2018

Norwegian study examines flame retardants in plastic waste Locked

Europe, Norway
15 Feb 2018

UAE's RoHS-like regulation causing 'mass confusion'

Hundreds of products waiting to be put on the market, says consultant

Africa & Middle East, Asia, Europe, United Arab Emirates
8 Feb 2018

Brazilian RoHS could prove 'difficult for small suppliers' Locked

More details about implementation needed, says EEE trade group

Brazil, Latin America
11 Jan 2018

Plastics trade groups call for mutual acceptance of REACH after Brexit Locked

Associations voice opinion in run up to next phase of negotiations

Europe, United Kingdom
9 Nov 2017

Efforts to ban PFHxS globally move forward Locked

But debate continues over PFOA exemptions

Europe, Global
18 Oct 2017

Three EU member states start new substance RMOAs

Commission preparing the same for three suspected CMR substances

Belgium, Denmark, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden
12 Oct 2017

US electronics trade body defends EPA and final TSCA rules

IPC involved in counter lawsuit

North America, United States
28 Sep 2017

China’s consumer product law will have 'profound impact' Locked

Framework builds on Chinese and international standards

Asia, China
13 Jul 2017

NGOs take EU Commission to court over lead chromate authorisation Locked

Second challenge against the Commission

21 Jun 2017

Echa's Seac adopts restriction proposals on four phthalates Locked

Denmark's proposal for TDFAs also supported

13 Jun 2017

US House passes bill that would repeal conflict minerals rule

Measure faces uphill battle in Senate

North America, United States
31 May 2017

2018 REACH registrants making ‘good progress’

One year before the deadline, Cefic says companies are well prepared

25 May 2017

Echa, Ducc try to promote use maps in time for 2018 registrations Locked

Paint industry sector map should be ready by June

18 May 2017

EU member states back chromates authorisation applications Locked

Includes military applications, diglyme use also approved

4 May 2017

POPs Convention set to ban two more substances Locked

DecaBDE and short-chain chlorinated paraffins poised for listing

Multinational bodies
27 Apr 2017

Canada outlines regulatory approach to ban asbestos Locked

Regulations will aim to remove six asbestos minerals

Canada, North America
27 Apr 2017

'No legal basis' for conflict minerals enforcement slack, Democrat senators Locked

North America, United States
24 Apr 2017

EU Commission dismisses lead chromates authorisation challenge Locked

Europe, Sweden
11 Apr 2017

US SEC to dial back conflict minerals rule enforcement Locked

Wider variation in reports' details expected

North America, United States
6 Apr 2017

Final judgement entered in US conflict minerals litigation Locked

Future of Dodd-Frank section 1502 still remains in flux

North America, United States
5 Apr 2017

Apple adds cobalt to responsible sourcing programme

Consumer electronics giant now auditing smelters and refiners

Africa & Middle East, Congo, Global, North America, United States
28 Mar 2017

Downstream sectors urged to participate in global chemical talks

Broader industry engagement is needed to achieve Saicm goal

27 Mar 2017

Businesses benefit from US conflict minerals reporting rule, say NGOs

Groups urge SEC not to weaken or repeal due diligence requirements

North America, United States