12 Sep 2019

US cosmetics manufacturer recalls products over asbestos findings Locked

FDA claims four products tested positive for the carcinogenic fibres

North America, United States
5 Sep 2019

Costco Canada to stop using BPA and BPS coated receipt paper Locked

Move follows call-to-action for retailers to voluntarily commit to phase-outs

Canada, North America
5 Sep 2019

California bills addressing cosmetic fragrance disclosure, receipts timed out Locked

Legislature’s final week will see action on several other measures

North America, United States, US states
5 Sep 2019

Amazon expands chemicals policy to cover EU Locked

Move follows on from policy covering US launched last year

Europe, North America, United States
28 Aug 2019

Illinois governor signs into law ban on receipts containing BPA Locked

North America, United States, US states
22 Aug 2019

Canadian retailers called on to ban bisphenol coated receipts Locked

Walmart and Costco among those targeted

Canada, North America
8 Aug 2019

Amazon has faced more than 1,000 Prop 65 ‘intent to sue’ notices Locked

Notifications have been lodged over almost 20 year period

North America, United States, US states
26 Jul 2019

Retailer Target extends 'clean' label to cosmetics Locked

Symbol added to nearly 4,000 products formulated without 'unwanted chemicals'

North America, United States
18 Jul 2019

Cosmetics retailer Sephora launches chemicals policy Locked

Company identifies 49 high priority substances

Global, Multinational bodies
17 Jul 2019

US launches criminal investigation into J&J talc product concerns Locked

Justice Department assigns fraud unit to investigate, says Bloomberg

North America, United States
15 Jul 2019

UK retailer River Island issues recall for clothing with excess lead and cadmium Locked

India, China and Turkey source of clothing

Europe, UK
11 Jul 2019

NGOs call on Canadian retailers to ditch BPA and BPS from thermal paper Locked

Stores warned of regulatory risk of continuing with bisphenols

Canada, North America
5 Jul 2019

The Guardian reaches funding target for Toxic America project Locked

Industry accuses media outlet of 'rehashing false claims'

North America, United States
4 Jul 2019

Human skin absorbs less BPS than BPA, study suggests Locked

BPS gives lower internal dose from thermal receipts

Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Sweden
2 Jul 2019

Floor retailers honour phthalate flooring commitments, say NGOs Locked

North America, United States
20 Jun 2019

Ralph Lauren to eliminate hazardous chemicals from supply chain by 2025 Locked

Brand to adopt manufacturing restricted substances list next year

Global, North America
6 Jun 2019

Retailers prioritise product categories for developing safer alternatives Locked

Transparency plan includes short- and long-term disclosure recommendations

North America, United States, US states
4 Jun 2019

Illinois passes BPA in receipts and cosmetics animal testing bills Locked

Legislature also sends ethylene oxide measures to governor

North America, United States, US states
21 May 2019

Switzerland bans the use of BPA and BPS in thermal paper Locked

First European country to vote to prohibit both substances

Europe, Switzerland
21 May 2019

‘Likely presence’ of PFASs found in Albertsons products Locked

Chemical group not regulated in US but EPA taking steps

North America, United States
21 May 2019

California legislature moves forward chemicals in products bills Locked

Cosmetic ingredient SDS measure clears Assembly

North America, United States, US states
16 May 2019

Amazon strengthens enforcement against lead, cadmium in children’s products Locked

Commitment is a result of Washington State investigation

North America, United States
15 May 2019

UK committee probes Amazon, Ikea, Kingfisher on chemicals management Locked

Questions asked on identifying and replacing chemicals of concern

Europe, UK
14 May 2019

UK audit committee launches consumer survey on hazardous chemicals Locked

Europe, UK
2 May 2019

Dollar Tree signs up to the Chemical Footprint Project Locked

Third retailer to join initiative, alongside Walmart and Target

North America, United States
24 Apr 2019

Expert Focus: The new Australian Industrial Chemical Introduction Scheme Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia
16 Apr 2019

Walmart sets 2025 chemicals target for textiles suppliers Locked

Company urges use of certification and chemicals management tools

North America, United States
9 Apr 2019

Greater supply chain collaboration, information key to BPA substitution Locked

Echa, Belgian ministries host workshop on thermal paper alternatives

Belgium, Europe
3 Apr 2019

Danish Coop adopts chemical requirements for toy suppliers Locked

National legislation 'insufficient'

Denmark, Europe
26 Mar 2019

Walmart, Amazon pull paint removers in the face of NGO pressure Locked

North America, United States