19 Jul 2018

Cosmetics giant L’Oréal to eliminate PFASs in products

Sixth company commits to phase-out following Swedish NGO campaign

Europe, Global
19 Jul 2018

SC Johnson expands level of product fragrance disclosure Locked

Consumer giant reveals ingredients down to 0.01% in products

North America, United States
12 Jul 2018

Anses warns about allergens, irritants in clothing and footwear Locked

Formaldehyde, heavy metals found in textiles

Europe, France
11 Jul 2018

Companies voice support for toxic-free circular economy Locked

Apple, H&M, Lego and Dell among contributors to ChemSec paper

10 Jul 2018

European PET group to join antimony data gathering effort Locked

Currently available data on antimony trioxide relatively old

5 Jul 2018

Denmark investigating fines for non-compliant toys manufacturers and importers Locked

’Squishies' pulled from market after chemical emissions tests

Denmark, Europe
28 Jun 2018

Online retailers commit to speed up removal of dangerous products Locked

Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Rakuten France sign European Commission pledge

Europe, Global
28 Jun 2018

E-commerce product safety pledge 'not enough', say NGOs

Call for more action on hazardous chemicals in online products

Europe, North America, United States
21 Jun 2018

Industry defends methylene chloride despite US retailer bans Locked

Consumers will buy paint removers in smaller hardware stores, says HSIA

North America, United States
20 Jun 2018

Campaigners secure third paint stripper victory with Home Depot Locked

Retailer to phase out NMP, methylene chloride products

North America, United States
19 Jun 2018

Sherwin-Williams to stop selling methylene chloride paint removers Locked

US retailer follows Lowe’s in phasing out products in 4,600 stores

North America, United States
8 Jun 2018

Italy to ban microplastics used in rinse-off cosmetics products

Draft Regulation also covers ear cleaning sticks

Europe, Italy
7 Jun 2018

Dollar General CEO to meet with chemical campaigners Locked

‘Step in the right direction’ for discount retailer

North America, United States
30 May 2018

Lowe's to phase out methylene chloride, NMP paint removers

NGO campaigners welcome retailer giant's commitment

North America, United States
24 May 2018

Walmart, Target push for sustainable cosmetics with industry scorecard

Chemicals in products priority in new assessment tool

Europe, North America
24 May 2018

BPS rapidly replacing BPA in thermal paper – Echa survey Locked

Usage doubled in past two years ahead of 2020 restriction

4 May 2018

US industry criticises 'misleading' baby products guide Locked

NGO coalition advises avoiding items containing toxic chemicals

North America, United States
3 May 2018

Home Depot to exclude nine chemicals from cleaning products Locked

Phase out planned by the end of 2022

North America, United States
1 May 2018

Danish study advises against cosmetics purchases from popular US website Locked

Consumer council finds products non-compliant with EU regulation

Asia, China, Denmark, Europe, North America
18 Apr 2018

Disability campaigners call on Lowe's to ban DCM, NMP Locked

North America, United States
4 Apr 2018

NGOs push Lowe's on methylene chloride paint strippers Locked

Retailers called to act in 'vacuum' of federal authority

North America, United States
29 Mar 2018

Walmart aligns disclosure policy with Californian law

Retailer finds state's Cleaning Product Right to Know Act enough for suppliers to comply

North America, United States
29 Mar 2018

US NGOs pressurise discount retailers over PFAS in popcorn bags Locked

North America, United States
27 Mar 2018

Danish Consumer Council says SVHC app is a success Locked

‘High hopes’ that EU-wide app will put pressure on companies

Denmark, Europe
22 Mar 2018

FDA investigating reports of tremolite asbestos in makeup Locked

Claire’s Accessories refutes contamination claims

North America, United States
21 Mar 2018

Amazon's e-commerce model a 'hurdle' for chemicals policy compliance

Company plans to make announcement this year

Global, North America, United States
20 Mar 2018

Global action needed on PFHxS, says draft risk profile Locked

Stockholm Convention process takes further step

15 Mar 2018

'Consumer and retailer demands as potent as regulation,' food packagers say Locked

State action and consumer awareness exceeding impact of FDA

North America, United States
13 Mar 2018

EU-wide app to learn from Danish project problems

Use of Denmark's Tjek Kemien plummeting

1 Mar 2018

Mind the Store campaign to target more US retailers in 2018

Priorities include phasing out methylene chloride, PFASs, ortho-phthalates

North America, United States