20 Aug 2019

OECD to set criteria defining sustainable plastics Locked

Key information includes inventory of chemicals across lifecycle

Global, Multinational bodies
15 Aug 2019

Global partnership will address hazardous substances in plastics Locked

UN starts international plastic waste group

Global, Multinational bodies
13 Aug 2019

Reporting standards move metabolomics towards regulatory acceptance Locked

Industry funded MERIT project will inform OECD guidance document

8 Aug 2019

UAE moves forward on chemicals management strategy Locked

First meeting in Dubai looked at mechanism for implementation

Africa & Middle East, UAE
7 Aug 2019

South Africa to tighten restrictions on lead in paint Locked

Among 32 countries in Africa updating or passing such laws by 2021

Africa & Middle East, South Africa
7 Aug 2019

Mercosur regulation lists permitted additives in plastics for FCMs Locked

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay Uruguay must adopt into domestic law by January

Argentina, Brazil, Latin America & Caribbean, Paraguay, Uruguay
6 Aug 2019

Israel proposes updated migration limits for toys Locked

New rules would align with EU standards

Africa & Middle East, Israel
1 Aug 2019

Turkey KKDIK pre-registrations hit nearly 48,000 - ministry Locked

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Turkey
1 Aug 2019

Sierra Leone to draft overarching chemical law by 2023 Locked

Plans to eliminate 'toxic and long-lasting chemicals'

Africa & Middle East, Sierra Leone
31 Jul 2019

Turkey amends toy safety rules to align with EU Locked

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Turkey
31 Jul 2019

Trinidad and Tobago proposes migration limits for toys Locked

Labelling and testing requirements also introduced

Latin America & Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago
30 Jul 2019

Brazil updates standards to align with latest GHS Locked

Rules amended for chemicals classification and labelling

Brazil, Latin America & Caribbean
25 Jul 2019

Lack of capacity in Africa prevents sound chemicals management, says WHO Locked

No countries have overarching regulations

Africa & Middle East
25 Jul 2019

Cefic kicks off discussion on digitalising GHS hazard labels Locked

UN working group asked to consider case for smart technologies

Europe, Global
25 Jul 2019

CW survey: few chemical companies revealing SVHC approaches Locked

DSM only firm to set time-bound phase-out goal for certain substances of concern

Europe, Global, North America
25 Jul 2019

US Virgin Islands ban sunscreens with oxybenzone, octinoxate Locked

Latin America & Caribbean, North America, United States
19 Jul 2019

France to fund chemical management projects in Africa Locked

Proposals from developing countries could receive €2m from Paris

Africa & Middle East, Europe, France
18 Jul 2019

Cosmetics retailer Sephora launches chemicals policy Locked

Company identifies 49 high priority substances

Global, Multinational bodies
18 Jul 2019

Turkish group blasts textile worker exposure to potassium permanganate Locked

Workers suffering from respiratory problems and skin irritation, says advocacy group

Africa & Middle East, Turkey
16 Jul 2019

US objects to OECD adoption of Basel plastics decision Locked

NGOs protest delay to better management of chemicals in waste implementation

Latin America & Caribbean, Mexico, North America, United States
15 Jul 2019

Guest Column: The UN addresses the need to step up funding for the sound management of chemicals and waste Locked

11 Jul 2019

Chile plans to release GHS regulation by end of year Locked

Draft has been revised 'several times'

Chile, Latin America & Caribbean
9 Jul 2019

IPE calls on chemical giants to improve supply chain safety in China Locked

ACC's Responsible Care programme 'not enough to ensure safety'

Asia Pacific, China, Global
5 Jul 2019

Argentina publishes draft of chemicals management bill Locked

Government expects discussion in legislature ahead of October elections

Argentina, Latin America & Caribbean
4 Jul 2019

Commission asked to push ‘big buttons’ on chemical controls Locked

Regulators, stakeholders swap views on policies for next decade

Europe, Global
3 Jul 2019

Unece publishes print edition of 8th revision of GHS Locked

Multinational bodies
2 Jul 2019

'Netflix' of data mooted as experts call for single hub Locked

Cefic discussing fee-based platform for trading chemical safety data

Europe, Global
26 Jun 2019

Melamine 'possibly carcinogenic' to humans, says Iarc Locked

Carcinogenic in lab animals but inadequate evidence in humans

24 Jun 2019

Feature: How Tarkett, DSM-Niaga and Steelcase aim to design non-toxic products Locked

Europe, Global, United States
21 Jun 2019

Expert Focus: Regulation of FCMs in Latin America, Part II Locked

Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Latin America & Caribbean, Mexico, Panama