Australia consults on draft legislation for environmental risk management Locked

Nationwide implementation expected from 2022

Asia Pacific, Australia

OECD to host first chemicals management global forum in November Locked

Topics could include ‘setting up and maintaining inventories’


Phthalate exposure from menstrual products may be higher than thought, study suggests Locked

New York team tests wide range of items

North America, United States

EU cosmetics experts will reconsider titanium dioxide safety Locked

Cosmetics Europe dossier response to carcinogenicity classification


Exposome expert calls for ‘fit-for-purpose’ instruments Locked

Former Iarc boss lists ‘common tactics’ to ‘undermine’ scientific evaluation


Guest Column: Why a multidisciplinary approach is vital to achieving wider use of animal testing alternatives Locked

Jos Kleinjans, chair of this year's 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences 2020, highlights the key obstacles to regulatory acceptance and industry take-up


Japan reviews progress towards UN chemical goals Locked

Industry calls for IT solution to track chemicals through the supply chain

Asia Pacific, Japan

Silica and titanium dioxide particles found in more human organs Locked

Research builds on 2018 study

Europe, Netherlands

US research points industry towards more degradable PFASs Locked

Study of perfluoroalkyl ether carboxylic acids (PFECAs) demonstrates effect of 'aqueous elections'

North America, United States

EU Commission requests Opinions on safety of resorcinol and propylparaben Locked

Potential EDC properties to be considered


Draft Canadian assessment finds no risk for heptamethylnonane Locked

Cosmetic ingredient mainly used in self-care products

Canada, North America

Biomonitoring California to examine Quats at upcoming meeting Locked

The meeting is scheduled for 4 March, in Sacramento

North America, United States, US states

What's behind a fall in the impact of diesel engine exhaust emissions on worker health? Locked


Chemical properties search tool updated with new design Locked


DEHCH safe for use in food packaging – Efsa Locked


Research focus on environmental chemicals ‘not necessarily’ linked to risk Locked

Most risky substances may not attract most publications

Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Japan, UK

France welcomes ‘clarification’ of REACH information requirements Locked

But UK points out potentially significant consequences


OECD plans surveys to quantify benefits of chemicals regulation Locked

Working on criteria for sustainable plastics

Global, Multinational bodies

FDA study finds sunscreen compounds enter blood after one use Locked

Tests considered six active ingredients in follow-up to work last year

North America, United States

Commission launches network to connect nine ‘exposome’ research projects Locked


Study suggests decline in IQ loss from exposure to PBDEs, mercury and lead Locked

Researchers warn of regrettable substitutions

North America, United States

US EPA round-up Locked

North America, United States

Latest BPA-CLARITY academic study confirms low-dose effects Locked

NTP will publish report in the spring

North America, United States

BPS may affect heart function, study suggests Locked

Canadian research on mouse hearts

Canada, North America

Brazilian chemicals management bill presented to Congress Locked

Significant changes made since 2018 attempt

Brazil, Latin America & Caribbean

Experts call for regulators to 'embrace new behavioural endpoints' Locked

No legal obstacles to behavioural ecotoxicology in assessments


Canada updates approach to inorganics following consultation Locked

But does not change list of 80 ‘low concern’ substances

Canada, North America

Denmark refutes snail study as reason to reconsider lead classification Locked

But Italy says Rac should look again at environmental risks

Denmark, Europe, Italy

Cefic eyes REACH amendments for EU polymers registration Locked

NGOs want mandatory pre-registrations to start 'as soon as possible'


US study suggests no significant link between talc and ovarian cancer Locked

Small increase in cancer risk not ruled out

North America, United States