Japan considers adding 271 substances to its pollutant release register Locked

Two year transition period likely

Asia Pacific, Japan

REACH dossiers: information requested on more than 80% of 2019 checks Locked

Plan to increase assessments in full swing


California bill would eliminate Safer Consumer Products programme Locked

Measure introduced amid frustration over scheme's slow pace

North America, United States, US states

Commission report shows decrease in total animal testing Locked

But increase in tests of industrial chemicals


Tougher Brexit positions see EU, UK move apart on alignment question Locked

UK wants chemicals annex in comprehensive free trade agreement

Europe, UK

Study: sludge-to-soil ‘read-across’ for data gaps is viable Locked

Potential REACH application but Echa says does not meet its criteria

Europe, Germany, Switzerland

Academic and industry experts build evaluation framework for NAMs Locked

Need for scientific consensus on hazard-screening criteria


What challenges do consumer electronics companies face in addressing their chemical footprint? Locked

The vast scale of their supply chains is just one of the potential obstacles to grapple with as businesses take their latest steps towards managing hazardous chemicals, says Jodi Frank


REACH & CLP Hub: Why product suppliers need to start preparations now for Scip notification Locked

Vital issues remain unresolved as the notification deadline looms for article suppliers to provide Echa with information for its database on substances of concern in their products, says REACHLaw’s Tim Becker


Weathering increases PFAS concentrations in outdoor clothing, study suggests Locked

Sunlight and rain break down polymers to create PFASs

Europe, Netherlands, Sweden

Echa probing scant REACH nano registrations Locked

Only 10% of expected dossiers received


What does the final draft of India’s chemicals law tell us about its ambitious plans? Locked

As outline legislation is circulated that would require notification and registration of substances, industry expects the rules to be finalised by July, with implementation six months later. But questions remain on GHS, registration and whether smaller companies will have the capacity to comply, says Chemical Watch news editor Charlotte Niemiec

Asia Pacific, India

Nepal's toy standard for hazardous substances remains in limbo Locked

Stringent rule passed in 2017 revoked within a year

Asia Pacific, Nepal

Malaysia updates hazard classifications Locked

First amendments since 2014 but aim to assess 300 substances annually

Asia Pacific, Malaysia

Mark Ruffalo joins NGOs, scientists to press for UK ban on PFASs Locked

Letter to ministers follows tests revealing widespread PFASs in food packaging

Europe, UK

EPA looks to lessen concerns over lack of TSCA fee exemptions Locked

Agency ‘strongly considering’ extension to self-identification period

North America, United States

Bangladesh publishes draft e-waste management rules Locked

Legislation would restrict 15 substance groups in certain electronics

Asia Pacific, Bangladesh

Draft TSCA evaluation of TCE finds unreasonable risk for workers Locked

US EPA provisionally finds trichloroethylene presents no undue risk to environment

North America, United States

EPA proposes supplement to PFAS significant new use rule Locked

Proposed changes for imported articles mark progress ahead of June deadline

North America, United States

TSCA low-priority substance designations finalised Locked

US EPA confirms selections for chemicals not currently warranting a risk evaluation

North America, United States

Nike’s compliance goal hindered by companies not adopting industry MRSL Locked

Sporting goods company to ‘support growth’ of ZDHC guidelines

Global, North America

EPA finalises TSCA procedural rule for CBI claims Locked

Companies will have 180 days to submit substantiation for confidential substances

North America, United States

WHO must be more involved in global chemicals framework, says NGO coalition Locked

Call follows meeting between representatives of labour, health and environment sectors

Global, Multinational bodies

RoHS TBBPA restriction would have ‘negative effect’ on plastic recycling Locked

Not enough known about alternatives, say recycling groups


Russia extends chemical inventory notification deadline Locked

June 2021 entry into force expected for Eurasian regulation on the safety of chemical products

Russia & CIS

Nigeria set to develop national chemicals framework by 2022 Locked

Project with Unep will align existing laws and consider new ones

Africa & Middle East, Nigeria

India circulates third draft of chemicals management rules Locked

Notification timelines and lists of substances for registration included

Asia Pacific, India

Expert Focus: What to expect from the upcoming amendment to South Korea’s K-BPR Locked

Chemtopia’s Layla Lim outlines key changes, designed to help businesses with data requirements and potential transition needs

Asia Pacific, South Korea

Businesses failing to inform Commission of FCM safety updates Locked

New information on approved substances rarely supplied, Brussels conference hears


Cefic, CIA urge close post-Brexit cooperation agreement with Echa Locked

Additional cost of separate REACH regimes ‘expected to be over’ £1bn

Europe, UK