1 Feb 2019 Briefing

Expert Focus: Has Beijing’s new draft regulation introduced China-REACH? Locked

Asia, China
17 Jan 2019

China consults on chemical framework overhaul Locked

Proposals similar to US TSCA and Japan’s CSCL

Asia, China
19 Nov 2018

China may ban microbeads in cosmetics Locked

Country would follow in footsteps of many others

Asia, China
5 Nov 2018

China arrests three suspects over illegal CFC-11 use Locked

An increase in enforcement is expected

Asia, China
1 Nov 2018

OECD wants closer ties with China on chemical safety Locked

Main aim is to bring country into mutual acceptance of data programme

Asia, China
10 Oct 2018

China to fully align with fourth edition of UN GHS Locked

Standard aimed at foreign and domestic companies

Asia, China
8 Oct 2018

China plans new FCM standards for ink and adhesives

Details emerged at AsiaHub Summit in Brussels

Asia, China
20 Sep 2018

China's CFDA consults on cosmetics safety standard revisions Locked

Draft adds three restricted ingredients

Asia, China
17 Sep 2018

Chinese legal case heightens formaldehyde concerns Locked

Effect of ambient air levels contested

Asia, China
30 Aug 2018

China's coating industry completes consultation on 'low-VOC' standard Locked

Final adoption expected to happen in 2019

Asia, China
16 Aug 2018

Chinese hazardous chemicals department announced Locked

The change comes as part of government-wide reforms

Asia, China
9 Aug 2018

Hazardous chemical information platform trialled in China Locked

Allows searches by GHS and English name

Asia, China
9 Aug 2018

China says evidence on illegal CFC-11 use is lacking

Follow-up investigations continue into rigid polyurethane foam production

Asia, China
26 Jul 2018

Calls for proposals to update China's cosmetic safety rules Locked

Focus on urgent and practical needs

Asia, China
12 Jul 2018

Industry body questions Australian fragrance study

Author expects more fragrance-free policies

Asia, China
12 Jul 2018

China's green product standard for coatings in force Locked

Manufacturers can apply for certification

Asia, China
11 Jul 2018

Investigators find illegal CFC-11 use in China’s polyurethane industry

Use as blowing agent linked to ozone depletion

Asia, China
5 Jul 2018

China expects main chemical law's internal revision in autumn Locked

Government plans for implementation before June 2019

Asia, China
7 Jun 2018

Triclosan may worsen gut inflammation and trigger cancer, study suggests Locked

Chemical may alter populations of gut bacteria

Asia, China, North America, United States
7 Jun 2018

Brexit showing ‘little impact’ on 2018 REACH registrations – Hansen

UK submissions figures ‘as expected’ for final deadline

Asia, China, Europe, India, Japan, North America, Switzerland, UK, United States
24 May 2018

Chinese cities phase out solvent-based coatings

Variety of approaches adopted and industries targeted

Asia, China
17 May 2018

PRTR 'critical' for Chinese hazardous chemicals management

104 substances suggested for pollution monitoring

Asia, China
3 May 2018

China extends simplified cosmetic import rules to free trade zones Locked

Speculation it could end mandatory animal testing seems unfounded

Asia, China
1 May 2018

Danish study advises against cosmetics purchases from popular US website Locked

Consumer council finds products non-compliant with EU regulation

Asia, China, Denmark, Europe, North America
26 Apr 2018

Chinese investigation finds toxic substances in mobile phone cases

Levels breach international standards

Asia, China
29 Mar 2018

Global ban on animal testing hard to achieve, industry says Locked

China could be biggest hurdle

Asia, China, Europe, Global, North America, United States
27 Mar 2018

China approves four food contact substances Locked

Asia, China
22 Mar 2018

China releases RoHS2 catalogue and exemption list Locked

Implementation expected in March 2019

Asia, China
15 Mar 2018

China reveals proposal to reorganise regulatory bodies

Observers uncertain of implications for MEP order 7

Asia, China
1 Mar 2018

Details emerge on China's MEP Order 7 update Locked

New cosmetic ingredients registration rules possible

Asia, China