5 Jan 2017

Chinese industry body launches cobalt sourcing programme Locked

Companies urged to align supply chain policies with OECD and China's due diligence guidance

24 Nov 2016

Chinese food packaging standards herald 'new era'

Government publishes raft of 53 standards

15 Nov 2016 Briefing

NGO platform: China – the pathway to safety Locked

2 Nov 2016

China MEP lowers data requirements in new substance guidance Locked

Version released for limited consultation

20 Oct 2016

China releases environmental child exposure models

Results highlight key differences compared with children elsewhere

29 Sep 2016

China MEP open to industry input but progress still slow Locked

Authorities fear 'companies abusing the loopholes'

29 Sep 2016

China drafts new chemicals safety law Locked

Expected to cover new and existing hazardous chemicals

22 Sep 2016

Greenpeace calls for better recognition of chemical risks in China

Recommendations made for greater transparency

1 Sep 2016

Bisphenol AF linked to impaired reproductive function Locked

31 Aug 2016

China consults on alternative test method for cosmetics Locked

Use of OECD-accepted TER method proposed

22 Aug 2016

China completes draft guidance on risk assessing existing substances Locked

National plan requires priority chemicals list by 2017

28 Jul 2016

AICM points out barriers to Responsible Care in China

Foreign chemical firms' body says regulations not effectively enforced

18 Jul 2016

China removes need for hazchem registration certificates Locked

Order 22 and priority hazchems catalogue revoked

23 Jun 2016

China to revise Decree 591 this year Locked

Overarching chemical regulation to be updated to meet 'requirements of today's world'

16 Jun 2016

Chinese team identifies new disinfection byproducts in tap water

Cyclic chemical structure could bring toxicity

19 May 2016

China publishes question and answer document on RoHS2 Locked

But compliance management catalogue still not published

28 Apr 2016

China’s cosmetics reforms shift duties away from authorities Locked

Proposed model similar to EU's, but will retain special use distinctions

22 Apr 2016 Briefing

Global PFCA emissions are 'cause for concern' Locked

​Europe​,​North America​,​India​,​United States​,​Poland​,​Russia and CIS​,​China​,​Global​
21 Apr 2016

OECD, NGO concerned with rise in PFCA emissions Locked

Increased production in emerging economies has more than offset reductions

24 Mar 2016

China releases work plan to improve chemical handling safety

Provincial departments to play key part

17 Mar 2016

Regulation must better promote innovation, say green chemistry experts Locked

Industry 'fighting' chemical policies hampers R&D efforts

17 Mar 2016

China adds 31 substances to existing chemicals inventory Locked

First update since 2013

16 Mar 2016 Briefing

Guest column – ICTA interim director general Locked

11 Mar 2016

China MEP submits revised new substance guidance to WTO

Final version delayed until end of the year

3 Mar 2016

Regular notifications in China to move online from April Locked

SAWS-approved lab list also expected this year

17 Feb 2016

China approves final standard on GHS codes and hazard statements

Comes into effect 1 January 2017

4 Feb 2016

PFAS found at high levels in consumer products and FCMs

German and Chinese studies find perfluorinated substances, warn of high exposures

4 Feb 2016

China RoHS2 expands range of products in scope Locked

Most immediate impact will be labelling requirements

3 Feb 2016

China’s State Council proposes tracking system for hazchems Locked

Framework should be developed by 2020

25 Jan 2016

China publishes final RoHS2 regulation Locked

Law comes into force on 1 July