26 Jun 2019

Environment ministers call for sustainable EU chemicals strategy Locked

18 Jun 2019

Council of Ministers' draft conclusions call for sustainable EU chemicals policy Locked

Strategy would address REACH, endocrine disruptors and nanomaterials

13 Jun 2019

European Commission seeks data on nano ingredients in cosmetics Locked

6 Jun 2019

Echa MSC agrees to exposure requests under Corap Locked

Tests for nanomaterials in car brake pads

4 Jun 2019

Swedish nanosafety research programme enters phase two Locked

Europe, Sweden
29 May 2019

Thailand restricts nanoparticles use in cosmetics UV filters Locked

New labelling requirements are in place

Asia Pacific, Thailand
29 May 2019

Nordic Council launches online tool to aid nanomaterials registration Locked

23 May 2019

Study: copper in wood preservatives may induce liver toxicity Locked

Concerns that people could ingest nanoparticles

3 May 2019

EU and US identify priority areas for nanosafety research cooperation Locked

Recommendations from Harvard workshop

Europe, North America, United States
3 May 2019

JRC and industry develop categorisation scheme for nanomaterials Locked

Decisions on which particle-size techniques to use

3 May 2019

Germany's BfR review reveals how nanotoxicology 'struggles' with complexity Locked

Data gaps in understanding and mechanistic methods

Europe, Germany, North America, United States
3 May 2019

German project to study nanomaterials over lifetime Locked

Will include hybrid materials and 3D printing

Europe, Germany
25 Apr 2019

US NGO campaigns against nanosilver in menstrual products Locked

WVE backs ingredient disclosure laws to tackle potential health effects

North America
24 Apr 2019

Pregnancy protects against lung inflammation from silica, study suggests Locked

Dampened immune response

16 Apr 2019

Low doses of nano cerium dioxide cause lung inflammation, major study finds Locked

Results are 'surprising and unexpected'

Europe, Germany
10 Apr 2019

River project to study BPA release from microplastics Locked

Water and sediment samples will be analysed from around the world

26 Feb 2019

EU revision of nanomaterials definition postponed to 2020 Locked

Delays call into question 'political will' to regulate nano substances

21 Feb 2019

EU study demonstrates grouping and read-across for nanomaterials Locked

JRC followed Echa guidance for evaluation of MWCNTs in relation to genotoxicity

14 Feb 2019

RNA study points to therapy for nanomaterial inhalation Locked

Knockout of MiRNA-378a genes limits adverse cardiovascular and metabolic effects of titanium dioxide

North America, United States
24 Jan 2019

Analysis gives complex picture of cerium dioxide nano toxicity Locked

Results of BASF’s comprehensive long-term inhalation study expected in months

3 Dec 2018

EU Commission adopts REACH nano changes Locked

Requirements to apply from January 2020

15 Nov 2018

Asean agrees use of MBBT (nano) as UV filter Locked

Following the EU authorising it in June

Asia Pacific, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
8 Nov 2018

JRC backs EU nanomaterials inventory as ‘global platform’ Locked

1 Nov 2018

REACH registrant finds no aquatic toxicity for SWCNTs Locked

Ocsial says flexibility of tubes might explain results from tests with algae

31 Oct 2018

EU committee publishes colloidal silver (nano) Opinion Locked

31 Oct 2018

Safe Work Australia updates hazard classification guide Locked

More detail on fine dusts and nanomaterials

Asia Pacific, Australia
10 Oct 2018

European initiative urges 'uniform and unanimous' nanomaterial definition Locked

Berlin Declaration calls for Commission to address regulatory gaps

Europe, Germany
9 Oct 2018

NGOs bemoan EU’s ‘sluggish’ 7EAP progress Locked

More action needed on nano, EDCs, consultation responses show

1 Oct 2018

Echa publishes critical review report on EU nanomaterials Locked

13 Sep 2018

EUON report: Pigment companies should share 'sensitive' nano data Locked

Report highlights knowledge gaps and a need for exposure scenarios