Chemicals bill would help Brazil's bid for OECD membership, says industry body Locked

Abiquim wants law to be a priority after pandemic crisis

Brazil, Latin America & Caribbean, Multinational bodies

Online Basel Convention meeting will disadvantage developing countries, says NGO Locked

Basel Action Network calls for longer 2021 meeting instead.

Africa & Middle East, Global, Multinational bodies

Nordic Council: keep ambition high on post-2020 chemicals framework Locked

'Necessary' for sustainable recovery after Covid-19 pandemic

Denmark, Europe, Finland, Global, Greenland, Iceland, Multinational bodies, Norway, Sweden

Coronavirus PPE likely to contain hazardous chemicals such as PFASs, NGO says Locked

Lack of transparency over additives in protective equipment being produced

Asia Pacific, China, Global, Indonesia, Multinational bodies, Philippines

UN chemicals convention meetings to be held online in June Locked

Decisions need to be taken before all parties meet July next year

Europe, Global, Multinational bodies, Switzerland

ICCA urges governments to 'roll back' export restrictions on necessary products Locked

Industry body has sent a letter to G20 leaders with recommendations

Global, Multinational bodies

Illegal mercury trade on the rise, Unep report finds Locked

Restrictions required by UN convention has 'pushed [trade] out of sight'

Global, Multinational bodies

Saicm launches online information platform for chemicals of concern Locked

Focus on lead in paint and substances in products

Global, Multinational bodies

UN convention exemptions fuel illegal chemicals trade, Unep finds Locked

Report highlights enforcement challenges and knowledge gaps

Global, Multinational bodies

Unep announces ICCM5 postponed to July 2021 Locked

'All hands on deck' needed for Covid-19 crisis

Europe, Germany, Global, Multinational bodies

What have the Stockholm Convention national implementation plans achieved so far? Locked

Chemical Watch emerging economies reporter Ginger Hervey asks how country-specific action plans developed, at not inconsiderable cost, to tackle persistent organic pollutants – are helping with the task.

Africa & Middle East, Global, Multinational bodies, Sierra Leone

ICCM5 to go ahead as planned in October, says Unep Locked

No decision yet on making up postponed Romania negotiations

Europe, Germany, Global, Multinational bodies, Romania

AkzoNobel restricts antimony trioxide, sets stricter date for biocide Locked

Five chemicals reassessed under priority substance programme

Europe, Global, Multinational bodies

UN's post-2020 framework could identify chemicals that pose 'global concern' Locked

Criteria were discussed in a technical workshop in Sweden

Europe, Global, Multinational bodies, Switzerland

Unep: Industry should pay more for global chemicals management Locked

Draft paper published for delegates negotiating the UN's post-2020 framework

Global, Latin America & Caribbean, Multinational bodies

Saicm negotiations in Romania postponed Locked

Concerns over coronavirus halt final meeting before ICCM5

Europe, Global, Multinational bodies, Romania

WHO must be more involved in global chemicals framework, says NGO coalition Locked

Call follows meeting between representatives of labour, health and environment sectors

Global, Multinational bodies

Iarc publishes monograph on 'possibly carcinogenic' nitrobenzenes Locked

Inadequate evidence in humans leads to 2B ranking

Multinational bodies

Unep publishes negotiating text for beyond-2020 Saicm Locked

Diplomats to discuss in Bucharest in March

Global, Multinational bodies

World's biggest chemicals problems 'have not changed' in five years, Ipen says Locked

Global meeting mulls priorities for 2030

Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Global, Latin America & Caribbean, Multinational bodies

OECD plans surveys to quantify benefits of chemicals regulation Locked

Working on criteria for sustainable plastics

Global, Multinational bodies

Global Outlook 2020: What lies ahead for the UN’s chemicals programme? Locked

Chemical Watch's UN/emerging markets reporter, Ginger Hervey, asks whether the critical moment arrived for Saicm

Africa & Middle East, Argentina, Asia Pacific, Brazil, Global, Kenya, Latin America & Caribbean, Multinational bodies, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Saicm workshop furthers discussions of UN General Assembly resolution Locked

Outcome to be presented at negotiations in Bucharest in March

Global, Multinational bodies

WHO invites experts to join evaluation of microplastics pollution Locked

Global, Multinational bodies

UN countries reject proposals to phase out mercury in dental fillings Locked

But will revisit issue in 2021

Africa & Middle East, Global, Multinational bodies

Gulf countries updating toys regulation to match EU standards Locked

Migration limits to be amended for some chemicals

Africa & Middle East, Europe, Multinational bodies

UN committee recommends trade restrictions on decaBDE Locked

Industrial chemical could be subject to 'prior informed consent' procedure

Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Global, Japan, Multinational bodies, North America, Norway

Developing countries insist on global fund for chemicals framework Locked

Financing takes centre stage at UN talks

Africa & Middle East, Argentina, Global, Latin America & Caribbean, Multinational bodies, Nigeria

UN committee recommends global ban on PFHxS Locked

Experts warn against using alternative fluorinated substances

Global, Multinational bodies

UN should consider how chemicals affect genders differently, say NGOs Locked

Post-2020 Saicm negotiations discuss exposure differences for men and women

Africa & Middle East, Global, Multinational bodies