14 Feb 2019

OECD proposal would identify countries regulating industrial chemicals Locked

Many countries still lacking legislation

Global, Multinational bodies
31 Jan 2019

OECD says its chemical work saves €300m annually Locked

EHS programme helps member governments 'optimise the use of their resources'

Global, Multinational bodies
31 Jan 2019

Experts float idea of a global MRSL for plastics Locked

List could 'support quality and consistency in recycling'

Global, Multinational bodies
31 Jan 2019

Unesco celebrations mark 150 years of periodic table Locked

Global, Multinational bodies
30 Jan 2019

Global trends are major cause for concern, says UN chemicals report

Summary issues call to action ahead of major international environment meeting

Global, Multinational bodies
22 Nov 2018

UN environment head resigns over $500,000 travel expenses

Excessive flights deemed 'reputation risk' for group focused on sustainability

Global, Multinational bodies
1 Nov 2018

Proactive Alliance to develop policy recommendations on SiA reporting Locked

Global, Multinational bodies
1 Nov 2018

UN report highlights 'vicious' toxic substances exposure

Special rapporteur calls for development of legally binding instruments on businesses

Global, Multinational bodies
11 Oct 2018

First round of mercury convention funding sees five projects approved Locked

Global, Multinational bodies
31 Jul 2018

Global industry initiative draws up roadmap on UN's SDGs Locked

Document identifies five fields where chemical industry can have impact

Global, Multinational bodies
5 Jul 2018

UN publishes list of identified endocrine disruptors Locked

Reports provide global overview of initiatives and approaches

Global, Multinational bodies
27 Jun 2018

Apec identifies at-the-border import barriers to chemical trade Locked

Regulatory inconsistency highlighted

Asia, Latin America, Multinational bodies, North America, Russia, Russia and CIS
18 Jan 2018

UN Environment, WHO agree cooperation on environmental health risks Locked

Joint actions will look at improving waste and chemicals management

Global, Multinational bodies
9 Nov 2017

Deadline extended on UN sustainable chemistry project Locked

Global, Multinational bodies
17 Oct 2017

'Conflict of interest' row flares in advance of PFOA discussions

EU Commission and consultancy dispute NGO claims

Europe, Global, Multinational bodies
17 Oct 2017

UN's Saicm seeks stakeholder input on knowledge platform Locked

Global, Multinational bodies
13 Oct 2017

EU Council calls on Unea to increase hazardous chemicals knowledge Locked

Europe, Global, Multinational bodies
12 Jul 2017

UN invites case studies of green chemistry initiatives Locked

Multinational bodies
11 Jul 2017

Concerns about microbeads 'unfounded', says US trade body

But Unep stands by call for worldwide ban

Global, Multinational bodies
8 Jun 2017

Norway proposes adding second PFC to UN POPs Convention Locked

Substances used in fire fighting foam, carpets, textiles, electronics

Europe, Multinational bodies, Norway
6 Jun 2017

Council of the European Union releases BSR Conventions statements Locked

Europe, Multinational bodies
4 May 2017

POPs Convention set to ban two more substances Locked

DecaBDE and short-chain chlorinated paraffins poised for listing

Multinational bodies
6 Apr 2017

US business group set to launch preservatives competition

Innovations sought for personal care and household products

Multinational bodies
9 Mar 2017

Iarc answers criticism over ‘hazard-only’ carcinogen classification

Scheme ‘serves science and society’, says agency

Europe, Global, Multinational bodies, North America
2 Mar 2017

OECD's work with developing countries shifts focus Locked

Organisation to be more 'hands-on' with national chemicals management frameworks

Multinational bodies
8 Feb 2017

Unep head calls for bolder government actions on hazardous substances

Lack of national regulation slowing progress, global meeting hears

Multinational bodies
5 Jan 2017

OECD conclusions about nanomaterials and test guidelines disputed

Danish, US researchers say further research needed to substantiate suitability claim

Denmark, Europe, Multinational bodies, North America, United States
4 Jan 2017

Iarc says 1,2-dichloropropane is carcinogenic to humans

Four other solvents and in polymer manufacture substances also assessed

Multinational bodies
1 Jan 2017

Green chemistry council launches preservatives competition Locked

Small companies, academia invited to submit new technologies

Multinational bodies
15 Dec 2016

ICCA consults on value chain communication principles

Safety information should be disclosed if 'based on science and risk'

Multinational bodies