South Africa

7 Jan 2016

South Africa plans industrial chemicals registration

Department of Environmental Affairs considering chemicals management Bill

​South Africa​
10 Sep 2014

Basel Convention centre to help Peru manage PCBs

​Multinational bodies​
3 Apr 2014

South African PVC industry reports on additives phase-out Locked

Members report on heavy metals, BPA, SCCPs and DEHP

​South Africa​
1 Oct 2013

South Africa consults on standards for environmental health Locked

​South Africa​,​Africa & Middle East​
21 Aug 2013

South Africa consults on PCB phase-out

​South Africa​
15 Oct 2012

Southern African ministers discuss GHS implementation Locked

Talks are also taking place on a 'harmonisation' agreement between three African regions

​South Africa​
3 Apr 2012 Briefing

Stresses show in global GHS alignment effort Locked

​Europe​,​Africa & Middle East​
22 Mar 2012

South Africa plans to restrict endosulfan use Locked

​South Africa​
17 Feb 2012

Researchers compile database of information on reproductive toxins

​South Africa​
21 Apr 2011

South Africa proposes ban on baby bottles containing BPA

​South Africa​
29 Mar 2011

Industry steps up efforts to improve chemical safety in Africa

​South Africa​