12 Nov 2019

Australia working towards adoption of GHS 7 Locked

Transition period could begin mid-2020

Asia Pacific, Australia
7 Nov 2019

Australia and South Korea to cooperate on risk assessment methods Locked

MoU focuses on cosmetic ingredients

Asia Pacific, Australia, South Korea
6 Nov 2019

Proposed class action puts Australia's PFAS policies in the spotlight Locked

Up to 40,000 people living near defence sites affected

Asia Pacific, Australia
22 Oct 2019

Feature: Animal testing in Asia – harmonised approach unlikely Locked

Asean, Asia Pacific, Australia, China, South Korea, Taiwan
20 Aug 2019

Australian industry supports nationwide upgrade to GHS 7 Locked

Move would aid alignment with 'major trading partners'

Asia Pacific, Australia
14 Aug 2019

Australia to prioritise national standard to address gaps in chemicals management Locked

Legislation will be brought before parliament 'as soon as possible'

Asia Pacific, Australia
31 Jul 2019

Australia answers common questions on new regulatory scheme Locked

New registration fees also announced

Asia Pacific, Australia
31 Jul 2019

Australia questions EU’s proposed titanium dioxide and cobalt classifications Locked

Carcinogen designation would 'create unjustified obstacles to trade'

Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, Japan
30 Jul 2019

Ipen criticises Japan and Australia over POPs assessments Locked

Risk assessments flawed, says NGO

Asia Pacific, Australia, Japan
4 Jul 2019

Australian carpet company calls for ban on nylon and PET carpets Locked

Concerns over toxic substances used as flame retardants and stain repellents

Asia Pacific, Australia
3 Jul 2019

Australia consults on adopting GHS 7 Locked

Deadline of 28 July for comments

Asia Pacific, Australia
13 Jun 2019

Apec recommends regional GHS convergence measures Locked

Suggests adopting GHS 7th revision by 2021

Asia Pacific, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Latin America & Caribbean, Malaysia, Mexico, Multinational bodies, New Zealand, North America, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Russia & CIS, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam
6 Jun 2019

Australia to consult on adopting GHS 7 Locked

Update would help align with 'key trading partners'

Asia Pacific, Australia
22 May 2019

Australia issues final report on decaBDE Locked

Proposes ‘managing’ its use and import

Asia Pacific, Australia
8 May 2019

Australia issues compulsory call for pentaBDE information Locked

Includes imports of articles containing substance

Asia Pacific, Australia
2 May 2019

Firefighters call for fluorine-free foam at international POPs meeting Locked

Group rejects exemption for foam in global PFOA ban

Asia Pacific, Australia, Global, Multinational bodies
24 Apr 2019

Expert Focus: The new Australian Industrial Chemical Introduction Scheme Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia
12 Apr 2019

Australia's 'early regulatory changes' now in force Locked

More polymers defined as PLCs and exempt from notification

Asia Pacific, Australia
4 Apr 2019

Australia's industrial chemicals bill becomes law Locked

Implementation of early changes expected soon

Asia Pacific, Australia
27 Mar 2019

Australia's Nicnas proposes 'managing' use and import of decaBDE Locked

Proposals based on collated evidence on the priority existing chemical

Asia Pacific, Australia
6 Mar 2019

Australian NGOs celebrate ‘huge win’ on animal testing ban Locked

Scope expanded to include multi end-use cosmetics

Asia Pacific, Australia
21 Feb 2019

Australia passes parts of Industrial Chemicals Bill Locked

House reconsidering remaining Senate amendments

Asia Pacific, Australia
21 Feb 2019

OECD highlights 'gaps' in Australia’s chemicals management system Locked

Many substances on Australian inventory are 'data-poor'

Asia Pacific, Australia
17 Jan 2019

Australia's industrial chemical law delayed another year Locked

Senate debate expected in first half of 2019

Asia Pacific, Australia
12 Dec 2018

'Almost all' microbeads phased-out in Australian cosmetics Locked

Announcement follows voluntary deadline set earlier in the year

Asia Pacific, Australia
6 Nov 2018

Understanding GHS in Australia Locked

Asia Pacific, Australia
31 Oct 2018

Safe Work Australia updates hazard classification guide Locked

More detail on fine dusts and nanomaterials

Asia Pacific, Australia
18 Oct 2018

Australia adds EU BPR rules to accepted international risk assessments Locked

Additional criteria must also be met

Asia Pacific, Australia
8 Oct 2018

Australia consults on information requirements and masking names Locked

The reforms are part of the Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme

Asia Pacific, Australia
5 Jul 2018

Australian study recommends fragrance-free policies for shared indoor spaces Locked

Chemical sensitivities an issue for many

Asia Pacific, Australia