7 Dec 2016

Australia consults on environmental risk assessment standard Locked

Stakeholders have until 3 March to comment on amended proposals

22 Nov 2016

Australia’s chemical industry seeks clarity on reform proposal Locked

Pacia says imported products will be at an advantage

​Australia​,​Asia Pacific​
6 Oct 2016

Nicnas evaluates tattoo ink use Locked

Research identifies 89 unique chemical substances

6 Oct 2016

Australia’s final reform paper sets out Nicnas framework Locked

Reforms to commence from 1 July 2018

18 Jul 2016

Australia to continue with current assessment framework for two years

More than 34,000 chemicals on inventory remain unassessed

14 Jul 2016

Australia's categorisation of nanomaterials slated by cosmetics sector

29 Jun 2016

Australia’s proposed reforms ‘biased against domestic manufacturers’ Locked

Pacia seeks ‘minor’ changes to proposed framework to avoid discouragement

20 Jun 2016 Briefing

Reform in Australia: benefit or burden? Locked

16 Jun 2016

Australian cosmetics sector seeks more time to comply with ban Locked

July 2017 deadline for animal testing ban not ‘reasonable or achievable’

8 Jun 2016

Australia pledges cosmetics animal testing ban Locked

Rules will cover ingredients and imported products

19 May 2016

Industry: Australia’s reform proposals 'increase burden' Locked

Level of data requirements 'out of step' with other countries

5 May 2016

Australia consults on third Nicnas reform paper Locked

Expands on agency's new role under nationwide reforms

21 Apr 2016

Australia consults on national chemicals environment standard

Chemicals to be classified by level of concern

17 Mar 2016

Neurotoxicologists call for systematic tests for latent effects Locked

18 Feb 2016

Australia proposes simpler registration for some chemicals

Second consultation paper issued on reforms to national regulatory framework

15 Feb 2016

Consultation paper on Nicnas reform needs work, industry says Locked

Concerns include international data and existing chemicals

11 Feb 2016

Australian agency recommends phase-out of PFCs Locked

Companies urged to seek less toxic alternatives

2 Feb 2016

Australian retailers commit to phase out of microbeads

Government seeks voluntary agreement with personal care and cleaning products sectors

21 Jan 2016

Modelling of nanomaterial impacts needs more research, says Csiro scientist Locked

Molecular dynamics have 'developed strongly' but still can’t address 'real world complex environments'

13 Jan 2016

Australian reform proposals cause concern, says Pacia Locked

Trade body says industry faces increased burden

5 Nov 2015

Australia consults on first chemical management reforms paper

New scheme to replace Imap and Pec process

22 Oct 2015

Australia releases timeline for proposed Nicnas reforms Locked

First consultation paper to be released soon

17 Jul 2015 Briefing

Regulating polymers Locked

​Europe​,​Australia​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​United States​,​China​
17 Jun 2015 Briefing

Asia-Pacific’s regulatory environment Locked

​Australia​,​Japan​,​New Zealand​,​Philippines​,​Thailand​,​Indonesia​,​Vietnam​,​China​
1 Jun 2015

Australia overhauls assessment process for imported new chemicals

Lower risk substances 'will be easier to import'

4 Mar 2015

Australia consults on health assessment of two phthalates

18 Feb 2015

Australia consults on latest existing chemical assessments Locked

7 Jan 2015

Australia offers guidelines on confidential listing of chemicals

2 Dec 2014

Australia removes two substances from national chemicals inventory Locked

27 Nov 2014

Australia publishes 11th tranche of chemical assessments Locked