25 Jul 2019

Indian team identifies hundreds of potential EDCs from literature Locked

Researchers develop online EDC tool called DEDuCT

Asia Pacific, India
5 Jul 2019

India’s food safety body to head expert committee on plastics in FCMs Locked

No standards in place addressing specific chemicals

Asia Pacific, India
1 Jul 2019

India files draft cosmetics rules with WTO Locked

But country pushes ahead on separate framework

Asia Pacific, India
17 May 2019

Comment: China, India key to achieving global sound chemicals management Locked

For biggest potential gains we should look to national governments and multinationals, rather than the UN

Asia Pacific, China, India, Multinational bodies
7 May 2019

China and India must be key players if global sound chemicals management is to be achieved Locked

The biggest potential gains lie with the two new chemicals giants. We should look to national governments and chemicals multinationals, rather than the UN, to help this happen

Asia Pacific, China, Global, India
26 Mar 2019

Production restarts at Indian J&J talc plants Locked

Lifting followed by BIS authorised laboratory testing

Asia Pacific, India
6 Mar 2019

India expected to create separate cosmetics legislative framework Locked

Progress delayed until second half of the year

Asia Pacific, India
14 Feb 2019

Expert Focus: Will India’s draft national chemical policy be published in 2019? Locked

Asia Pacific, India
6 Dec 2018

India publishes extensive draft cosmetics rules Locked

Rules in 71 Articles aimed at simplifying compliance

Asia Pacific, India
29 Nov 2018

India draft chemical plan possible early 2019 Locked

A REACH-like database will be considered

Asia Pacific, India
26 Jul 2018

India publishes registration guidelines for biocides in paints Locked

Registration requirements explained

Asia Pacific, India
23 Jul 2018

EDCs and REACH concerns surface in UK/India trade review Locked

Joint paper lays groundwork for post-Brexit talks

Asia Pacific, Europe, India, UK
19 Jul 2018

Maharashtra adapts to single-use plastics ban amid complaints Locked

Steep fines and jail sentences used to enforce ban

Asia Pacific, India
7 Jun 2018

Brexit showing ‘little impact’ on 2018 REACH registrations – Hansen Locked

UK submissions figures ‘as expected’ for final deadline

Asia Pacific, China, Europe, India, Japan, North America, Switzerland, UK, United States
26 Apr 2018

EU demands clarification from India on toy import rules Locked

Concern over 'de-facto in-country testing'

Asia Pacific, Europe, India
12 Apr 2018

Indian state extends plastics ban deadline Locked

Maharashtra gives consumers and retailers three months

Asia Pacific, India
5 Apr 2018

Maharashtra joins growing list of Indian states banning plastics Locked

Second most populous state's prohibition has immediate effect

Asia Pacific, India
18 Jan 2018

Indian guidance allows alternative testing for pest control biocides Locked

Asia Pacific, India
9 Jan 2018

ZDHC announces its first contributor based in Bangladesh Locked

Programme launches 'implementation hub'

Asia Pacific, China, Europe, India, Italy
7 Dec 2017

India's new biocides rules expected within months Locked

Foreign suppliers could face re-registration

Asia Pacific, India
9 Nov 2017

India publishes draft food packaging rules Locked

Asia Pacific, India
9 Nov 2017

India to act on seven POPs by mid-2018 Locked

Current holders must notify their stocks

Asia Pacific, India
17 Oct 2017 Briefing

India to have a National Action Plan for Chemicals by 2018 Locked

Is this the first step towards coordinated chemical management in one of the world’s strongest growth markets?

Asia Pacific, India
7 Jun 2017

New life breathed into India's chemical policy plans Locked

Expert committee to report recommendations to environment ministry

Asia Pacific, India
5 Aug 2016

Further delays for India’s national chemicals policy Locked

But first draft of inventory submitted to ministry

Asia Pacific, India
7 Jul 2016

India pulls plans to amend cosmetics act in favour of new law Locked

Overhaul will help align country with global best practices

Asia Pacific, India
22 Apr 2016 Briefing

Global PFCA emissions are 'cause for concern' Locked

Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Global, India, North America, Poland, Russia & CIS, United States
21 Apr 2016

OECD, NGO concerned with rise in PFCA emissions Locked

Increased production in emerging economies has more than offset reductions

Asia Pacific, China, India
14 Apr 2016

India legislates on POPs Convention obligations for PCBs Locked

Immediate ban on manufacture and import; use banned by 2025

Asia Pacific, India
7 Apr 2016

India to introduce ‘more stringent’ rules on e-waste Locked

Rules expand producer responsibility and cover mercury-containing lamps

Asia Pacific, India