5 Aug 2016

Further delays for India’s national chemicals policy

But first draft of inventory submitted to ministry

7 Jul 2016

India pulls plans to amend cosmetics act in favour of new law

Overhaul will help align country with global best practices

22 Apr 2016 Briefing

Global PFCA emissions are 'cause for concern' Locked

​Europe​,​North America​,​India​,​United States​,​Poland​,​Russia and CIS​,​China​,​Global​
21 Apr 2016

OECD, NGO concerned with rise in PFCA emissions Locked

Increased production in emerging economies has more than offset reductions

14 Apr 2016

India legislates on POPs Convention obligations for PCBs

Immediate ban on manufacture and import; use banned by 2025

7 Apr 2016

India to introduce ‘more stringent’ rules on e-waste Locked

Rules expand producer responsibility and cover mercury-containing lamps

17 Mar 2016

Regulation must better promote innovation, say green chemistry experts Locked

Industry 'fighting' chemical policies hampers R&D efforts

16 Mar 2016

Indian tribunal seeks government response to microbead ban call

16 Mar 2016 Briefing

Redeeming a ‘maligned science’ Locked

11 Feb 2016

Indian government must address EDCs, says NGO

Toxics Link urges more research into BPA and phthalates

14 Dec 2015

India's revised EEE rules expand producer responsibility Locked

Compliance targets to be set

17 Apr 2015

Swedish retailers help Indian textiles suppliers cut chemical use Locked

Substitution a key part of management, says Lindex

16 Apr 2015

Progress made on India's chemical inventory

First phase almost complete with more than 4,000 substances included

10 Nov 2014

Indian study finds high BPA levels in baby bottles

22 Oct 2014

Progress on Indian inventory expected early next year Locked

Chemexcil proposes 'simple' inventory of 4,600 substances

15 Oct 2014

India imposes ban on imported cosmetics tested on animals Locked

First south Asian country to have EU-style ban

14 Oct 2014

India publishes draft ban on PET bottles for oral drugs Locked

Proposed draft drawn up on recommendation of the Drugs Technical Advisory Board

10 Sep 2014

India likely to adopt chemicals policy in six months Locked

Policy to be sent to Cabinet after receiving ministry comments

8 Aug 2014

India seeks delay in new EU test methods for PAHs Locked

Additional lab facilities needed

5 Aug 2014

Indian study highlights heavy metal pollution from e-waste

28 Jul 2014 Briefing

Global round-up of RoHS-style regulations Locked

​India​,​Russia​,​South Korea​,​United States​
1 Jul 2014

Chemicals sustainability initiative seeks to expand

28 May 2014

Industry urges new Indian PM to prioritise chemicals policy Locked

Chemical groups plan to set up meetings with new government

8 May 2014

India publishes draft ban on animal-tested imported cosmetics Locked

India to be first country in South Asia to impose total ban

10 Apr 2014

India to publish positive list of pigments for food grade plastics Locked

The revised standard is more stringent and has additional pigments listed.

27 Mar 2014

NGO urges Asian countries to fast-track lead in paint ban Locked

Group calls for incentives and mandatory labelling

27 Mar 2014

Adoption of India’s national chemical policy delayed Locked

National elections bring policy freeze

12 Feb 2014 Briefing

India’s national chemicals policy Locked

10 Feb 2014

India updates draft national chemical policy Locked

National Chemical Centre to propose chemicals management framework

6 Feb 2014

India's proposal to ban PET drug bottles criticised by industry Locked

Advisory board wrong to think PET contains endocrine disruptors, says Petcore