15 Dec 2016

Japan encourages interest in chemSHERPA info-sharing scheme Locked

Aim for tool to become the standard throughout EEI supply chain

30 Nov 2016

Japan reviews Chemical Substances Control Law Locked

Goals include speeding up screening and assessments

21 Sep 2016

Japan considers new regulatory framework for FCMs

Discussions include developing a positive list

16 Jun 2016

Prenatal PFC exposure linked to hormone changes

Levels in babies at birth may have lifetime effects, say researchers

24 May 2016 Briefing

Regulating cosmetics globally Locked

​Europe​,​Japan​,​United States​,​Canada​,​Brazil​
12 May 2016

Asean-Japan chemical database officially launched

Information on chemical substances and legislation provided

9 May 2016

SMEs may find Japan’s new risk assessment requirement 'difficult' Locked

Proposed 'control banding' method could prove troublesome

7 Apr 2016

Japan updates GHS mixture classification system

Guidelines available for SDSs and labelling

24 Feb 2016

Japan upholds limit on PCBs in organic pigments

Report makes recommendations for safer management

21 Jan 2016

More growth ahead for chemical management workloads, says survey

Salaries and bonuses up slightly on previous year

​Europe​,​Latin America​,​North America​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​Taiwan​,​Thailand​,​Africa & Middle East​,​China​,​Global​
7 Jan 2016

Japan and Thailand renew MoC on chemicals management Locked

Aim to achieve WSSD 2020 targets

22 Dec 2015

Japanese institute urges firms to use Asian regulatory database Locked

Tool should reduce compliance risks, says Nite official

​Asia Pacific​,​Japan​
17 Dec 2015

NC3Rs refines animal acute inhalation testing

International effort defines ‘evident toxicity’ to improve animal welfare

​Europe​,​North America​,​Asia Pacific​
10 Dec 2015

Trade groups want UAE electronics law 'harmonised' with EU’s RoHS

Details on compliance requirements 'missing'

​Europe​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​United Arab Emirates​
10 Dec 2015

Japan, China and South Korea to share chemical management information Locked

Plans include joint research on testing

​Japan​,​South Korea​,​China​
26 Nov 2015

Japan-Asean online tool ‘beneficial, but more data needed’ Locked

Companies suggest improvements

22 Oct 2015

Japan helping to develop PRTR in Thailand and Vietnam Locked

Project to finish in March 2016

31 Jul 2015

Japan to introduce data tool for chemicals in products

Transfer scheme aims to standardise format

17 Jul 2015 Briefing

How new chemicals are identified Locked

​Europe​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​Taiwan​,​United States​,​Philippines​,​China​
17 Jul 2015 Briefing

Regulating polymers Locked

​Europe​,​Australia​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​United States​,​China​
14 Jul 2015

Japan and Vietnam sign second cooperation agreement Locked

MoC in place for five years

18 Jun 2015

OECD improves access to worldwide chemical classifications

​Multinational bodies​,​Europe​,​Japan​
17 Jun 2015 Briefing

Asia-Pacific’s regulatory environment Locked

​Australia​,​Japan​,​New Zealand​,​Philippines​,​Thailand​,​Indonesia​,​Vietnam​,​China​
28 May 2015

Japan's industrial safety law to be amended Locked

Compulsory risk assessments to be required for substances requiring SDSs

22 May 2015 Briefing

EU and Japan strengthen cooperation Locked

7 May 2015

Japan introduces support tool for mixture SDSs and labels

Tool converts excel to TSV format

30 Apr 2015

Excessive DEHP in children's urine found in Japanese study Locked

1 Apr 2015

Japan to launch harmonised chemical database for Asean countries

Harmonised platform aims to facilitate information sharing

5 Mar 2015

Japan and Taiwan to sign MoU on chemicals management

13 Feb 2015

Japanese chemical industry announces latest research projects Locked