UN committee recommends trade restrictions on decaBDE Locked

Industrial chemical could be subject to 'prior informed consent' procedure

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Japan's environment council recommends PFOA for Class I classification Locked

Decision follows Stockholm convention ban

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Japan publishes draft positive list of synthetic resins in FCMs Locked

Adoption set for the end of the year

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K-REACH relaxation plans continue despite Japanese shipments Locked

Government move aims to help companies find alternative sources of supply

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Expert Focus: As Japan notifies the WTO, the sun rises on a new Positive List for plastic food packaging Locked

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Australia questions EU’s proposed titanium dioxide and cobalt classifications Locked

Carcinogen designation would 'create unjustified obstacles to trade'

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Japan-South Korea trade dispute could force relaxation in K-REACH rules Locked

Government pursuing several measures to help domestic industry

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Ipen criticises Japan and Australia over POPs assessments Locked

Risk assessments flawed, says NGO

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Japan to start mercury monitoring project in Asia Locked

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Japan concludes decaBDE and HBCD of low concern in consumer products Locked

Similar results found by US EPA

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Japanese companies transferring registrations to EU27 ORs ahead of Brexit Locked

No ‘critical difficulties’ expected but some disruption may arise

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Apec recommends regional GHS convergence measures Locked

Suggests adopting GHS 7th revision by 2021

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Japan aligns standards with sixth GHS revision Locked

Companies have three years to comply

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Japan consults on framework to review PRTR law Locked

Proposals see shift in approach to assessing chemical exposure

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Japan plans microplastics reduction in marine environments by 2020 Locked

Voluntary actions so far have seen success

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Japan designates Pacs and existing chemicals Locked

Government prioritises 15 substances for assessment

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Expert Focus: Japan's 2019 regulatory outlook Locked

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Guest Column: Japan’s CSCL amendments Locked

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Chemical regulatory compatibility among US priorities in Japan trade deal Locked

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ACC urges US-Japan trade negotiators to promote regulatory compatibility Locked

Agreement would "set regional precedent" for other deals

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Japan plans FCM positive list for mid-2020 Locked

Workplace safety and hygiene criteria part of changes

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EU rejects Japan’s request for motorcycle parts phthalates exemption Locked

Increased transitional period also unjustified says EU

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Japan publishes English-language labelling and SDS guidance Locked

Information on GHS implementation, including substance list

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Japan’s emission factors to ease low-volume chemical production Locked

Novel approach seeks to address bottlenecks while managing risk

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Brexit showing ‘little impact’ on 2018 REACH registrations – Hansen Locked

UK submissions figures ‘as expected’ for final deadline

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Japan designates deca-BDE and SCCPs as Class I substances Locked

Two additions to list of chemical substances to be monitored

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Japan plans mixtures and other complex substance notifications Locked

Move will enable risk assessment and monitoring

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Feature: Gearing up for next-phase risk assessments in Japan Locked

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Thai GHS classifications added to chemical safety database Locked

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Consumer groups demand chemical regulation talks after EU-Japan trade deal Locked

Both sides call for ‘precautionary approach’ to chemical safety

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