26 Oct 2016

Russia approves Regulation on chemical products safety Locked

Bypasses ‘suspended’ Eurasian Economic Union discussions

27 Sep 2016

Russia and Kazakhstan alert WTO to cosmetics safety amendments Locked

​Russia​,​Russia and CIS​,​Kazakhstan​
29 Mar 2016

Russian Duma questions bill banning cosmetics animal testing Locked

17 Feb 2016

Russia to swap imports for domestic chemicals to 'improve safety’ Locked

Defence ministry pushes for self-sufficiency

3 Feb 2016

Bill on de-icers resurfaces in Russian Parliament Locked

Industry rejects concerns about heavy metals

10 Nov 2015

Eurasian chemical safety regulation closer to adoption Locked

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan agree to send proposal to Eurasian Economic Commission

10 Sep 2015

Russian MPs propose animal testing bill

26 Aug 2015

Study links three phthalates to miscarriage Locked

`First' evidence points to metabolites of DEP, DiBP and DnBP

​Europe​,​North America​,​Asia Pacific​,​Russia​,​United States​,​Russia and CIS​,​Spain​,​Global​
2 Apr 2015

Russian chemist says PET bottles do not contain phthalates

20 Jan 2015

Russia to hold international conference on polymeric packaging

28 Nov 2014

Russian textbook on cosmetics ingredients published

29 Oct 2014

Russia hosts seventh conference on chemical regulation

22 Sep 2014

Russia rewards young scientists for sustainable development solutions Locked

28 Jul 2014 Briefing

Global round-up of RoHS-style regulations Locked

​India​,​Russia​,​South Korea​,​United States​
1 May 2014

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan adopt chemical safety regulation Locked

Main details still to be agreed

24 Oct 2013 Briefing

Importing domestic cleaning products into Russia Locked

​Russia​,​Russia and CIS​
8 Oct 2013

Russian companies share chemicals management experiences Locked

5 Aug 2013

Russian trade body urges revision of sodium hypochlorite regulation Locked

18 Jul 2013

EEC considers draft Russian chemical regulation Locked

EU suggests text lacks clarity

8 Jul 2013

Russian chemicals and nanomaterials trade bodies sign agreement

​Russia​,​Russia and CIS​
17 Jun 2013

EEA annual report highlights work on EDCs in water Locked

​Europe​,​Russia​,​Russia and CIS​
17 May 2013

Russia plans toxicology congress in November

24 Apr 2013

Russia and Unep agree to work together on chemicals

8 Oct 2012

Russia publishes perfumes, cosmetics safety resolution Locked

26 Sep 2012

First Congress of Russian Nanotechnology Companies held in Moscow Locked

​Russia​,​Russia and CIS​
7 Sep 2012

Russia authorises consumer protection agency to oversee state registration of chemicals Source: 3E

26 Jul 2012

Russian firms comment on key draft regulations Locked

Final regulations could be approved this autumn, say industry observers

28 Jun 2012

Russian chemicals trade body to create chemical products database

8 Jun 2012

Russia works on maximum permissible levels of chemicals in foods ahead of WTO accession

5 Mar 2012 Briefing

Russia set to adopt key regulations in 2012 Locked