South Korea

16 Jan 2017

South Korea's MoE proposes three phase-in registration deadlines Locked

Existing timetable to register 510 proirity existing chemicals unchanged

​South Korea​
5 Jan 2017

South Korea proposes major amendments to K-REACH

Annual reporting requirement to be abolished

​South Korea​
7 Dec 2016

NGOs demand Samsung protect employees from toxic chemicals Locked

Call for electronics giant to compensate ill factory workers

​South Korea​
30 Nov 2016

South Korea bans cosmetics that could use alternative tests Locked

Measures to apply from February

​South Korea​
17 Nov 2016

South Korean industry group makes K-REACH test provisions

Faltering EU data negotiations driving companies to test

​Asia Pacific​
27 Oct 2016

South Korea restricts nonylphenols for household and industrial use Locked

Enforcement date of 30 December for most substances

​South Korea​
20 Oct 2016

Biocides face stricter safety and labelling rules in South Korea Locked

Six-month transition period in place

​South Korea​
13 Oct 2016

South Korea proposing microbeads ban in cosmetics Locked

Sales to be prohibited from July 2017

​South Korea​
4 Oct 2016

South Korea plans to stop chemical brand name changes

Humidifier scandal prompts cross-checking concerns

​South Korea​
14 Sep 2016

South Korea biocides law overhaul could be K-REACH amendment Locked

But new system expected to be modelled on EU BPR

​South Korea​
8 Sep 2016

Pilot project for risk assessment under way in South Korea Locked

Four substances nominated to provide industry with case studies

​South Korea​
8 Sep 2016

Siefs formed for more than 75% of South Korea's registering Pecs

And 20 dossiers ready for submission to Nier

​South Korea​
26 Aug 2016

Consultancy submits first registration dossier under K-REACH

Lessons learned include starting sooner rather than later

​South Korea​
14 Jul 2016

South Korea consults on hazard evaluations of 121 substances Locked

One substance designated as toxic

​South Korea​
22 Jun 2016

South Korea urges overseas companies to meet reporting deadline

Annual reports must be submitted by 30 June

​South Korea​
16 Jun 2016

EU-South Korea data trading systems launch

Aim to speed up joint registration

​Europe​,​South Korea​
2 Jun 2016

South Korea starts investigating safety of biocide products Locked

MoE will prioritise products by potential risk

​South Korea​
1 Jun 2016

South Korea proposes changes to K-REACH enforcement rules Locked

Broadening for alternative testing and extension of grace period for R&D

​South Korea​
1 Jun 2016

Work on South Korea biocides law begins

​South Korea​
26 May 2016

South Korea NGOs call for BPA ban in till receipts Locked

Despite drug safety ministry declaring it safe in March

​South Korea​
11 May 2016

South Korea begins work on biocides regulation

Legislation expected to include elements of EU BPR

​South Korea​
10 May 2016

Reckitt Benckiser apologises for product linked to Korea deaths

Humidifier steriliser withdrawn from market, after agency raised lung damage concerns

​South Korea​
5 May 2016

South Korea considers longer list of chemicals exempt from reporting Locked

New substances with low hazards could be eligible

​South Korea​
12 Apr 2016

South Korea publishes ‘model agreement’ guidelines

Aimed at lead registrants of 510 Pecs

​South Korea​
31 Mar 2016

South Korea workplace safety project to be mandatory Locked

Participation required for companies handling 134 hazardous substances

​South Korea​
23 Mar 2016

South Korea proposes amendments to GHS Locked

Changes would align with fourth edition

​South Korea​
10 Mar 2016

Trade bodies urge firms to form consortia for K-REACH registration

Nickel and Cobalt institutes offer data and read-across know-how

​South Korea​
29 Feb 2016

South Korea publishes annual reporting guidance for overseas companies Locked

30 June deadline for reports

​South Korea​
19 Feb 2016 Briefing

K-REACH: one year on Locked

​South Korea​
28 Jan 2016

K-REACH enforcement to step up

Some overseas exporters 'unwilling' to share data

​South Korea​