13 Dec 2018

South Korea may extend electrical and electronic products regulation Locked

Includes additional product types and phthalate restrictions

Asia, South Korea
29 Nov 2018

K-REACH dossier hazardous assessment rules announced Locked

Exemption criteria are revealed

Asia, South Korea
15 Nov 2018

South Korea releases biocide implementation rules and guidance Locked

Six documents published ahead of 1 January effective date

Asia, South Korea
7 Nov 2018

Binding arbitration sets Samsung worker ill-health compensation Locked

Report requests public apology and health and safety improvement fund

Asia, South Korea
7 Nov 2018

South Korea's Osha SDS submission rules approaching legislature

Industry may not welcome information in scope

Asia, South Korea
18 Oct 2018

Draft rules on CBI naming and exemptions under K-REACH released Locked

First batch of detailed implementation rules

Asia, South Korea
18 Sep 2018

South Korea's MOE approves first set of alternative safety measures Locked

Samnam Petrochemical and LG Chem granted the exemptions

Asia, South Korea
12 Sep 2018

Sixty-five substances face 1 October ban under K-REACH Locked

Ministry urges registration before deadline

Asia, South Korea
12 Sep 2018

South Korea to ban BPA in infant and toddler FCMs Locked

Implementation expected from January 2010

Asia, South Korea
6 Sep 2018

Chemicals affect bacterial processes in human gut, study suggests Locked

Many metabolites in affected processes play a key role in human health

Asia, Singapore, South Korea
15 Aug 2018

South Korea publishes CBI review guidelines for statistical data Locked

Actual review depends on the situation and conditions.

Asia, South Korea
26 Jul 2018

Samsung agrees to binding arbitration on ill-health claims Locked

Recommendations will include workplace safety measures

Asia, South Korea
5 Jul 2018

K-REACH clears first registration deadline Locked

Submissions received for 336 substances

Asia, South Korea
28 Jun 2018

Imminent K-REACH deadline sees Pecs proceeding to plan

But worries persist at demands for further information

Asia, South Korea
28 Jun 2018

US voices concern at South Korea's K-REACH implementation Locked

Statement to WTO expresses 'confusion and uncertainty' over implementation

Asia, North America, South Korea
21 Jun 2018

As deadline approaches, details emerge on K-REACH enforcement rules Locked

Animal testing and polymer requirements are revealed

Asia, South Korea
7 Jun 2018

South Korea releases K-REACH draft implementation rules Locked

Pre-reporting required by 30 June 2019

Asia, South Korea
7 Jun 2018

Report prompts call for Samsung to disclose workplace chemical use Locked

Workers are not given information about hazardous substances

Asia, South Korea
31 May 2018

South Korea publishes decree on biocides law Locked

Includes information provisions and product grace periods

Asia, South Korea
10 May 2018

Report finds Samsung workplace link to ill-health unproven Locked

Company not completely exonerated

Asia, South Korea
3 May 2018

South Korea proposes universal chemical tracking system Locked

Overseas manufacturers would submit details through appointed representatives

Asia, South Korea
10 Apr 2018

South Korea approves prioritisation of K-REACH alternative tests Locked

Reflecting global trends for legislation to back non-animal tests

Asia, South Korea
22 Mar 2018

K-REACH secondary rules 'expected April', Pecs on track

Enforcement rules currently under expert review, says company CEO

Asia, South Korea
15 Mar 2018

South Korean biocides law set for 20 March adoption Locked

Updated K-REACH to get final go ahead at the same time

Asia, South Korea
8 Mar 2018

National Assembly passes South Korea's updated K-REACH Locked

Goal is 7,000 registrations in 12 years

Asia, South Korea
1 Mar 2018

South Korea proposes Osha hazardous substance SDS rule Locked

CBI exemptions by ministry approval are possible

Asia, South Korea
22 Feb 2018

South Korea issues fines for historic humidifier biocide labelling violations

Labels said substances “aroma-therapeutic”

Asia, South Korea
15 Feb 2018

Important changes as parliamentary committee passes K-REACH amendment Locked

Updated penalties, new substance notification rules

Asia, South Korea
25 Jan 2018

K-REACH co-registration support procedures enacted Locked

MOE to provide mediation and recommend lead registrants

Asia, South Korea
24 Jan 2018

South Korea adds testing methods for products containing biocides Locked

Labelling rules also updated

Asia, South Korea