15 Dec 2016

Taiwan legislature passes bill establishing chemicals bureau Locked

Organisation under the EPA starts work later this month.

10 Nov 2016

Taiwan proposes law for permanent chemical safety bureau Locked

Food safety top task says premier

26 Oct 2016

Taiwan bans cosmetics animal testing from 2019

But two exemptions apply

12 Oct 2016

Taiwan issues temporary rules for toxic substance bureau Locked

Aims to be operational by 1 January

15 Sep 2016

Taiwan approves draft revised cosmetics safety law Locked

First major revision to cosmetics regulations since 2002

12 Sep 2016

Taiwan proposes bureau in EPA for chemicals registration

Food safety to be main task

1 Sep 2016

Taiwan loading data on new substances to public platform Locked

But NGOs say move favours confidentiality over disclosure

22 Aug 2016

Taiwan RoHS will stagger products coming into scope Locked

TVs, monitors and printers must comply by mid-2017

13 Jul 2016

Taiwan to publish CBI protection procedure Locked

System comes seven months after implementation of GHS

28 Jun 2016

Taiwan to publish draft screening procedure for phase two chemicals

Information gathered from phase one will be assessed

2 Jun 2016

Taiwan consults on draft guidance for hazard and exposure assessment Locked

Ministry outlines procedure for new chemicals

26 May 2016

Taiwan approves first reading of cosmetics animal testing ban

Three-year transition period proposed

5 May 2016

Taiwan sets date for naming substances requiring full registration

Mandatory border controls also in pipeline

28 Apr 2016

Taiwan EPA launches late pre-registration phase Locked

Applies to companies importing or manufacturing chemicals over 100kg per year after 1 April

31 Mar 2016

Taiwan to introduce self-declaration border controls

Voluntary system to improve chemicals tracking

9 Mar 2016

Taiwan EPA reminds companies to pre-register substances Locked

Information must be submitted by 31 March

21 Jan 2016

More growth ahead for chemical management workloads, says survey

Salaries and bonuses up slightly on previous year

​Europe​,​Latin America​,​North America​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​Taiwan​,​Thailand​,​Africa & Middle East​,​China​,​Global​
8 Jan 2016

Taiwan issues GHS classifications for 6,000 hazardous substances Locked

GHS standard now in force

9 Dec 2015

Taiwan’s MoL releases guidance for classification and labelling Locked

GHS obligations begin 1 January 2016

3 Dec 2015

Greenpeace finds PFCs in Asian reservoirs

​South Korea​,​Taiwan​,​Hong Kong​
18 Nov 2015 Briefing

Taiwan: aiming for a ‘triple win’ Locked

10 Sep 2015

Taiwan releases guidance with updated inventory

TCSI contains 100,000 substances

17 Jul 2015 Briefing

How new chemicals are identified Locked

​Europe​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​Taiwan​,​United States​,​Philippines​,​China​
30 Apr 2015

Taiwan legislator launches bill on cosmetics animal testing

Proposal would cover products and ingredients

21 Apr 2015

Different cosmetics classifications pose challenge in Asia Locked

Picture becoming more complicated, say consultants

​South Korea​,​Taiwan​,​China​
26 Mar 2015

Taiwan to inspect children's raincoats for phthalates Locked

Regulation will be enforced from September

26 Mar 2015

Illegal phthalate levels found in Taiwan children’s sandals Locked

Children's sandals contain excessive levels of phthalate plasticisers.

12 Mar 2015

Taiwan's unified registration platform opens for business Locked

Firms can use single portal to submit dossiers to the EPA and Osha

5 Mar 2015

Japan and Taiwan to sign MoU on chemicals management

4 Mar 2015

Taiwan finds illegal phthalates in fifth of plastic lanterns Locked