9 Oct 2019

Taiwan to promote use of non-animal test data Locked

But no requirement to be written into law

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
16 Sep 2019

Taiwan issues standard limiting volatile organic compounds in coatings Locked

Companies have two years to comply

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
30 Aug 2019

Taiwan consults on toxic substances, chemicals of concern regulation revisions Locked

EPA plans include 'convenient' combined permits

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
14 Aug 2019

Taiwan to publish 'chemicals of concern' list by end of the year Locked

And 30 more draft administrative rules expected to support TCSCCA

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
17 Jul 2019

Taiwan updates mercury restrictions Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
4 Jul 2019

Taiwan notifies five cosmetic regulations to WTO Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
13 Jun 2019

Taiwan promulgates new rules on cosmetic package labelling Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
13 Jun 2019

Apec recommends regional GHS convergence measures Locked

Suggests adopting GHS 7th revision by 2021

Asia Pacific, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Latin America & Caribbean, Malaysia, Mexico, Multinational bodies, New Zealand, North America, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Russia & CIS, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam
30 Apr 2019

Taiwan proposes changes for labelling 'medicinal' cosmetic products Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
24 Apr 2019

Taiwan to close microbead loophole for synthetic waxes Locked

Some waxes not easily degradable in marine environments

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
20 Mar 2019

Taiwan and China introduce controls on seven POPs Locked

Changes follow Stockholm Convention decisions

Asia Pacific, China, Taiwan
14 Feb 2019

Taiwan releases Phase II priority substances list Locked

CMR substances must be reported regardless of quantity

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
31 Jan 2019

Taiwan Pec registration delayed until 2020 Locked

Change in government means process will begin six months later than expected

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
16 Jan 2019

Taiwan’s revised chemical control act passes into law Locked

Substances of concern now in scope

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
21 Dec 2018

Taiwan's parliament passes major toxic chemical act revamp Locked

Revisions approved a year after Cabinet submitted changes

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
18 Oct 2018

Taiwan bill underway to improve chemical regulations Locked

Package of revisions includes national substance control body

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
10 Oct 2018 Briefing

Feature: Taiwan plans regulatory integration Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
6 Sep 2018

Taiwan's updated registrations expected to start in July 2019 Locked

Language problems in the draft revisions are behind delay

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
30 Aug 2018

Taiwan's Supreme Court upholds RCA occupational health judgment Locked

Precedent set for level of proof for compensation

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
14 Jun 2018

Taiwan Cabinet approves new ‘national policy plan’ Locked

EPA discussing changes with ministries

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
31 May 2018

Taiwanese lawmakers want national chemical safety coordination body Locked

Academics, professionals and civic groups to be included

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
24 May 2018

Taiwan to urge joint registration for Pecs Locked

Registration process expected to begin January 2019

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
26 Apr 2018

Taiwan consults on hazardous chemical labelling rules Locked

Proposed Cas number disclosure on confidentiality applications

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
19 Apr 2018

Taiwan promulgates hair dye chemical restrictions Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
5 Apr 2018

Taiwan issues draft changes to registration rules Locked

Package includes list of 106 Pecs

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
29 Mar 2018

Taiwan’s draft Pecs list and registration changes expected April Locked

TCSCA revisions also moving forward

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
11 Jan 2018

Taiwan delays release of initial Pecs list Locked

Final list expected by June

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
13 Dec 2017

Taiwan considering simplifying regulation of food scandal additives Locked

EPA acknowledges industry burden

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
6 Dec 2017

Taiwan publishes testing methods for microbeads Locked

Asia Pacific, Taiwan
20 Nov 2017

Taiwan to shift from risk response to prevention Locked

Pecs list expected this year

Asia Pacific, Taiwan